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Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Call on Patriots to Support Spencer at Auburn U & Expose the Zionist Power Behind Crisis of Western Mankind!


Today Dr. Duke talked about the value of free speech. Our Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, and many people take it as a given, but the fact is that any speech that is unacceptable to our Jewish overlords is punished severely, not necessarily by prison time like in Canada, German, or the UK, but by the harshest economic sanctions. Increasingly, those who dare to publicly address the issue of Jewish power are subjected to political violence, which is something that Richard Spencer is standing up to. Dr. Duke urged his listeners to come to Auburn University in Alabama today to support Richard Spencer in his stand for freedom of speech.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and they talked about how the inability to address Jewish power has brought us to the point that the Jewish elite that rules the country can engage in wars, tax us up to our necks and use the funds for our destruction, and flood our country with immigrants while rebranding America as a nation of immigrants. Yet their power would simply evaporate if people could openly talk about it.

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