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Dr. Duke — Netanyahu’s Son is Big Fan of David Duke, Who could have Guessed? & Tillerson says Israel Must Pay US Back for Con (Cohen) Job.


Today Dr. Duke had a powerful show in which he thanked the Jewish media for designating him as America’s leading anti-Semite, given that their definition of anti-Semite is simply anti-Zionist. This designation was part of an article criticizing Nair Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli Prime Minister, for tweeting a meme depicting Jewish troops secretly manipulating events. The article accused the younger Mr. Netanyahu of following Dr. Duke

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery then discussed reports that the Trump Administration is considering demanding the Israel repay a small part of the military aid provided by American taxpayers due to Congress insisting that the $38 billion cap on Israel wasn’t enough for America Best Friend Forever and it would be mean not to give them extra money. Dr. Slattery also talked about the appeal the Dr. Duke’s message has to “Bernie Bros” once they are exposed to it. He talked about the potential for political re-alignment in the United States over the next few years.

This was another great show.

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