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Dr. Duke & Dr. MacDonald explain why exposing and overthrowing Jewish Supremacy is our most vital task!


Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald on back on the show. They talked about how Jews see their self-interests in ways that are diametrically opposed to the interests of whites. You see this in the way affirmative action is used to limit “hu-white” enrollment in Ivy League schools. By hu-white, we mean lumping together Jews and Europeans. But even as hu-white enrollment plunges, Jewish enrollment rises, meaning that non-Jewish whites are increasingly marginalized.

Nothing illustrates this clash of interests more than immigration policy. In America and every other white country, Jews push for replacement-level immigration, which is obviously against the interests of the native whites, but it is in the interests of Jewish supremacists who feel they can dominate multi-cultural societies more easily than largely homogeneous ones.

No explanation of the attack on white people, whether its liberals or globalists or Nazi or reptile people, makes any sense. Things only make sense when you understand the clash of Jewish and white interests.

This was another great show.

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