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Dr. Duke Exposes the Media Lies about Who he really is and What he Advocates


Today Dr. Duke told America the truth about who he is, what he believes, and what really transpired last weekend in Charlottesville. Over the past several days, nobody besides President Trump has been as talked about in the media as David Duke. And yet, the picture they paint of the man bears no resemblance to reality. He has not been invited on to any show to provide his real views or our side of events, but rather is quoted selectively for tiny sound bites.

Today Dr. Duke explained that it is always the Zionist-backed leftists who are using violence to shut down events of the white advocacy groups (or even just Donald Trump supporters, for that matter), while in his 50-year career of activism he has never tried to deprive his opponents of their free speech rights. He also addressed the charge that he is a “white supremacist,” invoking the dictionary definition of the word and showing how it simply does not apply to him. Moreover, if the definition is applied to the Jewish elite, it is undeniable that they are Jewish supremacists.

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