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Dr. Duke exposes latest Zio psychopathology! & shocking ADHD facts!

adhdDr. David Duke exposes the latest Jewish racist psychopathy in this show today with Dr. Slattery.

He discusses the latest lead article in the Jerusalem Post that goes ballistic in condemning the Lancet editor for not being “contrite enough” when he made pilgrimage to Israel to praise the Jewish state and beg for forgiveness for allowing doctors in The Lancet to expose the horrific crimes in Gaza.

Dr. shows how the world is truly waking up to the Zionist threat.

In the last segment of the show he shares some the latest scientific evidence that personal multi-tasking not only destroys the ability to focus and concentrate but eventually actually damages the structure of the brain itself.

He talks about the attention deficit disorder that has reached epidemic proportions and offers simple ways you can restore your ability to focus and become more a more productive and creative person.

A fantastic show and one you should share with family and friends. Go for it!

Click here and look for the show dated 10-7-14.

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