Dr. David Duke interviewed by Michele Martin of NPR

Dr. David Duke interviewed by Michele Martin of NPR

The recent interview I did with the Afro-American host on NPR is now the most listened to segment on the NPR website.  (Links at end of article)

www.Davidduke.com and www.stormfront.org have received thousands of visits as a result of the interview.

I have received at least a thousand emails from listeners who heard me for the first time and enthusiastically agreed with my point of view. (I have just read that NPR closed the discussion on the Duke interview–no doubt because they were getting too many listeners who agreed with me, and because some of the comments gave proof of the horrendous rate of Black crime against White women!–So much for supposed NPR public, free speech principles!)

I did receive about a 100 extremely negative and often abusive emails from listeners who are so prejudiced against me that they couldn’t hear what I actually said in the interview. Like Stepford Wives, they parroted back their media programming about “racism” and “hate”. The most common epithet they use is “hate”. Yet, none of these people could actually point out specifically any comment I made that constituted “hate.” For these people, simply defending the civil rights and the heritage of White people is “hate.”

Even daring to object to racial discrimination against White people in so-called affirmative action programs is now called “hate.”

Some of them castigated me for bringing up the fact that according to the Justice Department, 37,460 White women were raped or sexually assaulted by Black males in 2005 as compared to less than 10 Black females who were sexually attacked by White males. Even though these Black crime facts are easy to prove, many refused to believe them, almost with a religious fervor.  (see an actual screen shot of the Justice Department figures below!)

It is comparable to someone screaming “witch” or “heretic” against someone who scientifically showed that the earth was not the center of the solar system.

If I bring up the rape of 37,460 White women by Black males annually it is “hate speech,” but if the media spends a year on a bogus rape by Duke University White students against a Black stripper, it is righteous community responsibility.

Whites as a group are routinely collectively condemned for slavery, or discrimination, or even for historical lynchings. The U.S. Senate issued an apology for the fact that 2,500 Blacks were lynched in the entire history of the United States. In one talk show I did, the famous announcer said “Why shouldn’t Whites feel guilty, Whites lynched Black people.”

If that is so, then shouldn’t Blacks have remorse over 37,460 White women brutally assaulted, raped by Black males in just one year?

Media programs are constantly trying to ferret out cases of discrimination against Blacks in loans, or even in simply getting speedy service in a White restaurant or store. That’s supposed to be news, but 37,460 White women facing the horrible crime of rape or sexual assault by Black males cannot even be mentioned in the media. I repeat, Whites discriminating agianst Black people with no service is news, but Black rape of tens of thousands of White women a year is a “non-story.”

It is important to listen to both segments on NPR, and note that some of my best comments were edited out completely and did not appear in either segment.

It is also important to note that our EURO conference is scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday in Memphis and that even if you want to walk-in, you must register on davidduke.com prior to the event. The hotel has requested that as a security measure. (by the way the hotel is a very exclusive property that is secure and in a demographically good area)

This conference will be a powerful event of historical significance. I hope to see all of you there. If you can’t make it for any reason, I hope you will send a generous contribution in to help with the expenses associated with this vital gathering four days after the “election from hell.”

We must get together at this historic time and give our people a clear direction in light of the election catastrophe that looms before us!

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