Now all of us must suffer four years of remedial voter education

President Obama: Four Years of Remedial Voter Education

By James Buchanan EURO

Almost all of us have been caught speeding or not making a complete stop at a stop sign as a police officer was hiding off to the side. In many states, the traffic ticket can be taken off the record by going to “traffic school” which typically involves eight hours of driver’s education on a Saturday. Well, the voters of America just made a collective blunder on Nov. 4th, 2008 by electing the first Black president of the United States. Now all of us must suffer four years of remedial voter education.

Since we live in a Republic, which allows everyone –regardless of how stupid or ignorant– to cast a vote, this means that we all must pay when the majority makes a colossally bad choice for president. The last truly gigantic blunder was the liberal ideologue Jimmy Carter, who led the United States into one of the worst recessions in US history. Thankfully the American public seemed to learn something from that horrible experience. Since the Carter Administration, liberals have had a hard time winning the US presidency. Unfortunately, a new generation of ignorant liberals has been produced by the public schools and Marxist universities, who don’t remember the Carter administration.

The election of Barack Obama is not entirely the fault of the liberals. Every Republican who supported the Iraq War and especially anyone who actually voted for McCain in the Republican primary deserves to spend the next four years in Remedial Voter Education, sitting right next to the pro-Diversity college student. These pro-McCain Republicans deserve to pay every penny of increased taxation that they get hit with under President Obama.

Frankly, I have a very hard time believing that John McCain honestly won the Republican primary. There were HUGE signs of vote fraud in the New Hampshire primary, which have since been swept under the rug. On *Super Tuesday” 2008, I strongly suspect Diebold programmers working for the neocons GAVE a victory to John McCain. I cannot seriously believe that a man who was 100 percent wrong on the issue of immigration, who tried to shove through an Amnesty Bill for 20 million illegal aliens in June of 2007, could possibly get a majority of the vote from conservatives in the Republican primary. We absolutely need much greater transparency and a paper trail for the voting in the Republican primary.

There were three big issues in the 2008 election: the illegal war in Iraq, the problem of illegal immigration and the economy. In the last month before the election, the economy moved from a not very serious issue to a critical issue as the stock market started to plunge. The only Republican who was on the right side of all three issues was Congressman Ron Paul.

If the Republican Party could have freed itself from the clutches of the Zionist neocons, who have literally driven the party to its own destruction, they could have won the 2008 election. The vast majority of Americans see the Iraq war as unjustified, illegal and unnecessary. John McCain however went up there and gave a “Rah, Rah” pro-war speech in every single Republican debate convincing millions of Americans that he was an out-of-touch, insane, senile warmonger. When Obama used the word “Change” most Americans interpreted this as getting the US out of the Iraq War.

Another important lesson for the Republicans is that 96 percent of Blacks and 78 percent of Latinos voted for the Democrat in the 2008 presidential election. It is positively INSANE for the Republican leadership to keep sucking up to minorities given these election results. If the Republican party promised to eliminate for all time, Affirmative Action, racial quotas and stop all immigration from the Third World, they could have stolen enough White votes from the Democrat Party to win the election, but first they need to find a truly right-wing candidate who supports these policies, not a liberal Republican like John McCain, who will keep trying to get Black and Latino votes no matter how many times they kick him in the teeth.

Will the Republican Party learn anything from the 2008 election? Will they finally throw out the Zionist neocons, who have led them to destruction? Will they quit running crazy, senile liberal Republicans like Bob Dole and John McCain? There are alien and sinister forces controlling the Republican Party, which need to be pried loose. Either the Republican Party frees itself from the alien influences which are keeping us in Iraq and working against our best interests, or a truly conservative right-wing party will rise up to replace the ruins of the Republican Party.
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