Here's the Shocking Proof: 37,460 Black Rapes or Sexual Assaults on Whites, 0 White sexual attacks on Blacks!

Here’s the Shocking Proof:

37,460 Reported Black Rapes or Sexual Assaults on Whites —

Less than 10 White sexual attacks on Black women!

After my recent interview on NPR, some people wrote to me and cursed me out saying my facts on the huge number of Black sexual attacks on White women could not be true. Here is a screen shot montage of the most up-to-date crime facts direct from the U.S. Department of Justice which monitors all types of crime categorized by race of the offender and race of the victim. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0502.pdf

As you can see, Black offenders committed 37,460 rapes or sexual assaults against White women (shown by simply taking the percentage from the total). The same chart shows that Whites committed 0 (zero to less than ten) sexual attacks against Black women. (The number of reported White sexual attacks on Blacks is so low it is statistically 0)

I got some letters condemning me for even publishing these government figures. They accused me of being racist for simply publishing these government reports,”It makes Black males look bad” they tell me. Isn’t it ironic that these people are so worried about how Black males might look, but they aren’t in the least concerned about the 37, 460 White women who have suffered the terror and harm of rape and sexual abuse. (In actual reality the number of Black rapes against White women is at least double the Justice Department figure because those are just the reported rapes). And these figures are just one year’s attacks; similar rates of attack of White women occur year after year.

Next time you hear on TV or read in the media how racist and terrible White folks are to Black people think about the 37,460 White women who are raped by Blacks and the fact that no nationally known political figure (except me) even dares to mention it. If the numbers were reversed and White men were raping Black women by the tens of thousands, our cities would burn! But, we White folks are not supposed to object to this horrendous attack on White women and girls. Heck, we are not even supposed to know about it. I think we should know about it, and I think we must take action to protect White women from this horrible crime. –Dr. David Duke