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CNN-Edited Interview Proves that Dr. Duke is Right about Zio-Censorship!

A comparison between the full, uncensored interview transcript and the final edited version broadcast by CNN of Dr. David Duke’s recent interview proves beyond any doubt that Jewish Supremacist media such as Mr. Zucker’s CNN censor the news—exactly as Dr. Duke said in the interview! In fact, the part of the interview saying that the Jewish networks censor the news was itself cut out!


During the interview, Dr. Duke told host Michal Smerconish that the only topics which people are not allowed to discuss in America today are Israel and Zionist issues—and, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, that part of the interview was deleted before broadcast!

There are two important lessons to be learned from the comparison between the complete transcript and the censored version which was finally broadcast:

1. The reader will notice that the Zio-censors will always edit out and cut any indication made to show that Dr. Duke has any sympathy for, or understanding of, African-American or non-Europeans of any origin.

In the uncensored transcript, for example, the reader will see that Dr. Duke pointed out that famous Civil Rights icon James Meredith—an African-American—supported his (Dr. Duke’s campaign for governor) and that he pointed out that the Jewish Supremacist control of culture and society was extremely harmful to black people.

This reference was, of course, completely edited out. This censorship proves that the Zio-media masters are desperate to prevent any indication from emerging that Dr. Duke does not a “supremacist” but the exact opposite of that. He believes in true human rights and oppression of any people by any other people is morally wrong.

2. The reader will also notice that Dr. Duke’s relevant discussions about the Jewish Lobby’s control of the US government—which followed on from Scermonish’s questions about Rep. Scalise being pro-Israel—were also completely excised—just as Dr. Duke predicted.

Dr. Duke said:

Every member Congress right now is under the threat of being destroyed by the Israeli lobby.

That’s the one issue can’t discuss.

You can discuss abortion back and forth, discuss gun control back and forth. But you can’t have a dissenting opinion in America on Israel.

And this was exactly what was edited out—a reference to the Israeli lobby—confirming Dr. Duke’s assertion!

A complete transcript is provided below!

Commentary by Dr. David Duke —There are two vital lessons that the original and the edited interview can teach us. Especially those who are becoming young spokesmen for our cause.

1. Notice how the media always refers to us as racists, haters and even the ridiculous tag: White supremacists. 

Why is that? And what can learn from that?

Racism is defined popularly of hating or oppressing other races. It has reached new levels of evil by the Jewish media social conditioning. The word is like ringing a Pavlovian bell. In millions of people it evokes a visceral feeling of disgust, as Pavlov’s bell repeatedly rang at the time of feeding, evoked salivating in dogs even when there was no food present.

Obviously love of one’s own homeland, people, traditions and values is not racist. In reality, destruction of one’s people is true racism in the most extreme sense, and that is exactly what is going on in European nations by the Zionist controllers of media, politics and finance. The same Zionists who have destroyed and oppressed Palestine are busily doing the same thing to the European people that they deeply hate.

The anger and hatred of the Jewish racists is evident in a million articles, books, films, etc. portraying Europeans and all mankind really, as inherent, evil anti-Semites.

Hate is one of the most negative word in the human language, while love is the psychologically most positive.

Even though hate has nothing to do our beliefs, the Zio media chronically associates hate with anyone who dares to oppose these racists who are leading the West and the world to war, hatred, degeneration, and degradation.

Supremacism is defined as one people ruling over, oppressing, harming, or exploiting other people. That is of course the last thing we really believe in. For we want all people to have the right to preserve their own heritage just as we desire our beautiful heritage to survive and thrive.

European people are a fair-minded people. The negative emotions evoked by these words makes European peoples inherently oppose anything psychologically associated with those words.

That’s why the Zio media uses them incessantly against us.

The part of the interview which reflected my true feelings that all people should free and the fact that a famous black hero supported me for governor of Louisiana, that blacks are harmed as well as whites from the Zio rule over us, is not something they want the viewers to see and feel. 
Hence the censorship of that part.

2. Exposure of the Jewish racist Zionist Control over us was almost entirely deleted from the interview.

That is their greatest fear of course, that European Americans and all Americans will realize who the real supremacists are in the America, and the damage they do to every non-Jewish person in the United States.

The most important thing to the Zio CNN network and the rest of Zio media is not to allow Americans to understand who really controls academia, media, government and finance.

So they censored all my talk from Jewish sources of the Jewish control of political financing, congress, media and government.

So what can we learn from all this?

It vital for us to present our true feelings and break down the psychological programming. We are fair-minded people who respect and honor true human rights and values. It is so important to express those sentiments clearly otherwise, no objection to those labels is like being accused of murderer and not declaring your innocence. If one doesn’t object to a description, people think that it must be true.
Secondly, it shows why the “Jewish takeover” is the most important subject of all to get over to our people and all people.

Unless the Jewish rulers are deposed there is no chance our people can ever win, and not only will our people will be thrown into the abyss they will also throw the rest of the world in that same abyss.

Here is a full audio, followed by a transcript of the original interview below—and the censored parts, those words which were never broadcast, are highlighted in red.

Smerconish: We start with a burning question roiling the nation’s capital.

Did the third-ranking Republican member of Congress once speak to a white nationalist organization founded by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke? That question will be on the minds of members of Congress this week when they reconvene in Washington after the Christmas recess.

Steve Scalise was a Louisiana State Representative on the rise back in 2002 when he reportedly addressed the European American Unity and Rights Conference who was reportedly invited by a long time political advisor to Duke.

After initial reports last week that he attended the conference Scalise said that he did not remember addressing the group but said in a prepared statement said it was a mistake he egrets which sounds like he was there but then that political advisor to Duke who initially told the Washington Post that he was there backtracked and said that Scalise addressed a Civic association. As the contradictory statements are parsed Republicans can ill afford the Rep. Scalise situation given their lack of lack of recent success in making inroads in the minority community.

I’ve got a lot of questions and who better to ask about Congressman Scalise’s appearance than David Duke himself?

So 2002 did Steve Scalise speak to the group that you founded?

Duke: Frankly I’m not sure. I was in Russia at the time doing research for my doctoral dissertation and I since earned a PhD. I was in Moscow in fact I was in the national archives almost every day. I did a telephone hookup. And by the way, we’ve got to make something really clear here, they say former Klan leader or whatever, this was 37 years ago in my life.

S: But true.

Duke: That’s true and it is also true that Sen. Robert Bird was in the Klan and a lot of people were friends of Robert Byrd in the U.S. Senate, Democrats and Republicans.

It’s really a biased situation. First of all I was never violent, and I denounced… I denounced even back then violence and left it because I didn’t want to be associated with that kind of taint. I have never supported white supremacism but I read this [this description of me] in the papers.

This [EURO] was never a hate group, the European American Unity and Rights Organization was an organization in its charter is dedicated to true civil rights and stopping discrimination against people, that the best qualified people should be engaged and that every people have the right to preserve their heritage, their freedom and their values.

S: You founded Euro?

Duke: Yes, I founded Euro.

S: This is huge story, it is a nationwide scuffle so I have to believe that as the story you’ve picked up the phone or you’ve gotten on line and you said to the people with whom you were involved in that group that, hey, what’s the deal?

Duke: I certainly did. And I got conflicting reports. One person said that he was scheduled to come but he was a no-show. One person said he did come. I just don’t know what the truth is. It seems that Mr. Scalise thinks that he may have come and that’s why he’s covering himself.

But we have to cover a deeper aspect of this. If any member of the United States Congress went to the group named La Raza Unita, and Presidents have done that too — and which means “The United Race” which is an activist advocacy group which is for the interests of Mexican Americans — if that happened nobody would have a blink of the eye.

S Well you would! You beef about that.

Duke: No, No I wouldn’t! No actually, I don’t sir! The fact is that I believe that every people has a right to work for their interests, to preserve their heritage — in fact I believe that every people on Earth has that right!

I believe that every people and every nation has the right to be free and independent.

That’s what I preach every day. You can hear it on my radio show. You can read it on my website, my books — in my writings but it goes beyond that…

If he would have gone to an African American advocacy group who’s concerned about African Americans, like the NAACP — Republicans and Democrats go to that — No Problem!

If he’d have gone to a Jewish advocacy group — even in advocacy for a foreign country, Israel, and the interests of the Jewish people — No Problem!

But he came to a European organization — BIG PROBLEM!

And, don’t forget, he is an elected official. What is America all about?

Aren’t we supposed to believe that if you are an elected official, if you serve in Congress, you are representing all the people of your district not just the people who voted for you, not [just] the people who you agree with?

Aren’t you supposed to listen to people and hear what they have to say?

And should you not be allowed to address them about your issues, about your legislation?

S: Eric Erickson the conservative blogger makes a good point, he essentially says we are not talking about the Elks here, we are not talking about Rotary. How do you show up at a David Duke event and not know what it is?

Duke: Let me tell you… In my political life I spoke before leftist groups, before black activist groups that I disagreed with, to explain my position and to support my legislation. Steve Scalise wasn’t a political ally of mine.

S: Are you close today?

Duke: I am very close. In fact, James Meredith who was once the icon of the civil rights movement. He supported me for governor!

S: Meredith or Scalise?

Duke: James Meredith. Scalise didn’t.

S: Did not?

Duke: He definitely has adopted, like most republicans and many democrats, my programs.

Even Clinton ran on my program of “workfare instead of welfare.” Of which I was the first American politician, starting in 1989, who brought that up. And that helped him get elected.

S: I’m going to get to that in a moment because you were profiled in the NY Times of all places this week. But just to close the loop on what you know about Scalise and the meeting…Eric Erickson makes I think a real good point, you come to a David Duke event you pretty much remember you were there.

Duke: Certainly, as far as the media is concerned it’s a very controversial group.

In Louisiana I got 65 percent of the European American vote.

In the district that he represents, I received 60 percent of the vote, 60 percent of the vote to be their United States Senator and their Governor!

So maybe the national media which I consider to be very racist against European Americans and I think they have caused the incitement of African Americans against European Americans.

I also think that they have also facilitated European Americans being angry at African Americans.

S: That’s a totally separate issue

Duke: It’s not a separate issue.

S: I am simply trying to found out …was the man there? I can’t understand why there would be…. I’m certainly going to remember the day that David Duke was on my television program.

I would think that he would remember whether he addressed…

Duke: I wasn’t even there. I was in Moscow over the telephone and if he did, he would come at a different time. So here’s a situation. I was not his supporters he was not my supporter. I did not contribute to him. He did not contribute to me, okay? He was not a member my organization. He was a early, young representative who just got elected in Louisiana. He was pushing a tax program and he was coming to constituents.

And again, I believe that every elected official has responsibility to here out people who are right-wing or left-wing.

S: No matter their viewpoint.

Duke: Of course. Because, if you represent all the people you should be able listen to someone who’s pro-abortion are anti-abortion. Even though you might have a different view you should hear somebody who’s pro-affirmative-action anti-affirmative action. the back and if you really want to look at it, the people of my district who voted for me 60%, the highest educated and highest income district in the state of Louisiana.

Okay, they didn’t vote for me because they thought I was a racist and if you look at my campaign literature it is not much different than a lot of Republican literature and some conservative Democrats in the South.

S: Help me stay focused on this incident. You said this week that if he’s crucified I think that was your word choice. Then you’re going to name names. What are we talking about?

Duke: I know some Democrats and Republicans who tried in fact, urged me to support them. In fact I did. The Governor of the State of Louisiana, Mr. Foster wanted my support.

S: In other words you’re saying there members of Congress today who have relationships…

Duke: Who have had relationships.

S: Who were private and you honor that, but you would call them.

Duke: I respect their privacy, but I would call them out if they became hypocritical and go after Scalise. We had important openly Democrat and Republican leaders in the state who were public in their support for me.

You see, we had the support of the Democratic sheriff of my parish which was the popular Democratic Sheriff of my parish, Harry Lee who was Chinese by the way.

He supported me and actually I supported him too, he was a good man. Another was Assessor Lawrence Chehardy was one of most critical and important Democratic leaders in the state. All three of us formed a coalition against the tax increase by the Roemer.

Later, I, as a Republican candidate defeated the sitting Republican governor.

S: So you maintain relationships today among House Republican leaders?

Duke: I haven’t had any relations or even talking with them the last few years as I have been teaching in Europe. I’ve lectured at 200 different universities.

S: You obviously don’t think he should be penalized in terms of his stature in Congress for having spoken. But what will you do, what will David do? That’s my question.

If they are hypocritical let’s go back to the relations between you and me. You have been asking me to support you and you promised to support me.

S: You will name names?

Duke: And, remember the vast majority of the Democrats as well as all the Republicans in the House of Representatives in Louisiana voted for my signature-piece of legislation in the house which was a bill, actually a bill for true civil rights. That there must be no discrimination against anyone on the basis of race in affirmative-action.

So, this is whole thing is a tempest in a teapot and I think it’s representative of a media that’s not being honest with the American people, a media that’s truly against European Americans.

But, I also think it’s damaging African-Americans as well.

S: You were profiled in the New York Times on Thursday. The Times said that much of your old campaigns is now political mainstream in Louisiana you agree with that and give me an example.

Duke: I think it’s the political mainstream among most Europeans. When I ran I was a first candidate to talk about how immigration was going be so damaging to the American people. When I first ran I talked about affirmative-action.

I think most Americans don’t agree with the idea that the best qualified person should not get the job.

I believe a person regardless of race should get the job.

I tell you something else. I really work for racial reconciliation in many ways. I really believe that the real …

S: It’s hard to believe that the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan…

Duke: Well, you know that everybody evolves in their lives.

Senator Robert Byrd certainly did.

If he can do it, I can certainly do it.

S: That David Duke is not today’s David Duke. This is a much different David Duke.

Duke: Absolutely. And you can judge me by my writings.

Look, I believe the reason why them the media so hates me and the reason why they make a big deal of it. This is because I’m one of the few Americans, political Americans who think that we shouldn’t be led by the nose by Israel.

Every member Congress right now is under the threat of being destroyed by the Israeli lobby.

That’s the one issue can’t discuss.

You can discuss abortion back and forth, discuss gun control back and forth. But you can’t have a dissenting opinion in America (politics) on Israel.

S: I can I tell why I don’t think it makes sense, especially in the context of this conversation, because I spent a fair amount of time on your website trying to understand David Duke both then and now. You yourself regard Steve Scalise as pro-Israel, quote unquote.

Why would this all be the net effect of some cabal all against him given that you yourself say he is fanatically pro-Israel. You’re here today on CNN, you’re going on O’Reilly Factor.

Duke: I didn’t say he was fanatically pro-Israel. I said I wouldn’t vote for because he supports state of Israel which has committed terrorism against American in the Lavon Affair.

S: But you think this is all driven by some bias in favor of Israel.

Duke: There is no question in my mind that Zionists, these Jewish radicals that they dominate Hollywood, nobody argues about the show you in the Los Angeles Times article by Joel Stein bragging about it.

They dominate the Banking institutions of America and they are the biggest contributors in politics. They’re the biggest contributors of politics. The Washington Post said that 50% of the contributors of the Republican Party were Jewish and 70% of the Democratic Party. That’s 2% and they control America.

S: I actually think it’s all a lot of misdirection on an issue like this where people are simply trying to find out did the guy come to your meeting or not. You will have the final word then we got to wrap up.

Duke: I wouldn’t vote for Steve Scalise right now because he goes he was that I will and Congressman of the United States that would vote for Israel which ethnically cleansed 600,000 Palestinians Israel recently killed and maimed 20,000 Palestinian men, women and children.

S: I was hoping we were not going to get off on this tangent.

Duke: Even though I think he’s a good man I am not going to vote in that regard because I believe Israel controls the Senate they control the House of Representatives they control the media and I believe…

S: And yet you’re here. One last thought. I read the letter that you wrote to the world sort of the new David Duke was in last three years your open letter to the world and you go back and you talk about World War II when you talk about atrocities on both side of the aisle. You use the H word, you never use “Holocaust.”

I don’t want to get into this whole debate today but you raised it. Do you believe in the Holocaust? Does the new David Duke in 2015 believe that in the Holocaust.

Duke: Well, Of course I believe there were terrible atrocities…

S: But I want you say it differently…

Duke: Okay, Okay, I don’t care what you call it. I believe in the quote, unquote, Holy Holocaust. But let me tell you something.

Why is it, that there’s no movies, very little very little attention about the greatest Holocaust in the history of the world which was the Holocaust against Christians by the Soviet communism.

And that’s my point. We have a controlled media today that talks about the Holocaust, but they don’t talk about the death and destruction of tens of millions of Christians…

Which was a bigger Holocaust.

S: I want to talk about it. I want to talk about everything. Thank You.

Duke: My book is The Secret Behind Communism and it deals with that issue.

You can write to me at and find out about it.