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Hear Dr. Duke’s Show Today Exposing Zio Media Censorship!

Hear Dr. David Duke’s Show today. He has foundational show on how the media uses psychological means to emotionally program people to have negative feelings against anyone who exposes the Jewish racist control of American society and to brand those who criticize Israel as anti-Semites.

He talks about the key words they chronically ring like the bell Pavlov showed would condition dogs to salivate even when food was not present. By ringing a bell when the dogs were fed, all they had to do was ring the bell even when food was not present — to duke nicki Minajcause the dogs to salivate.

Today they ring the bell of “anti-Semite, racist, hater or white supremacist” to try to prevent people to carefully weigh the reason and humanity of people such as Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery.

Dr.Duke goes into the CNN program and shows how the parts that CNN removed were the parts that showed Dr. Duke’s true sense of fairness towards African Americans and other races.

He shows how they deleted his most powerful comments from the interview about the complete Jewish control of congress, and his comments revealing Washington Post articles showing how the 2 percent Jewish population controls more than 50 percent of campaign financing.
He points out that the blocked out part included Dr. Duke’s comment that Jewish power has prevented any real dissent in Congress on Israel. Every other issue can be debated, except for supporting the racist, terrorist State of Israel!

He also talks about his and our true feelings about race and human rights and shows the way to talk about our views in loving and decent way which will help you to bring your family and friends to recognition and understanding of the true racist, supremacist power that rules over America, an ethnic supremacism that also, of course, rules over the Palestinian people and who have caused so much suffering in the world.

Dr. Slattery goes into the recent viral stories about Dr. Duke’s exposing of the Zio music moguls who promote gangsta rap that has so damaged both African American and European American youth, and indeed many people of varying races all over the world through the global zio media.

He shows how in the Nicki Minag controversy they have tried to get African Americans to not pay attention to his comments on the Jewish role by saying that Dr. Duke criticized her only because she spoke out against police brutality. In fact, Dr. Duke didn’t even know she had done, that and he published articles on her and the Zio moguls control of rap long before her statements of police brutality.

Great show.

Once again Dr. Duke breaks through the electronic Zio Curtain over America and the world!
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