Blood on their Hands: Zio-Media Responsible for Racist Killings of Police

The Zio-media is directly to blame for the recent racially—motivated assassinations of police officers in New York City—and have also worked full-time in covering up the anti-European motivations behind the killings.


The murders of police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu—of Hispanic and Chinese origin respectively—by African American Ismaaiyl Brinsley, follows months of anti-European American incitement by the Zio-controlled media following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and the Eric Garner case in New York.

In the Michael Brown case, a Grand Jury ruled that the shooting was justified after the 200-lb man attacked a police officer. That completely justified finding, completely supported by all the facts, did not stop the incessant media incitement, which has sparked off violence, riots, looting and racially-based assaults around the nation.

In the Eric Garner case, a Grand Jury also decided, after considering all the evidence, not to indict the policeman in that case, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, once again after reviewing all the facts.

Despite the very clear legal bases for both these rulings, the Zio-media has kept up a worldwide barrage of hatred and venom against European-Americans, claiming endlessly that so-called “White racism” is to blame for the deaths.

Even the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who is in an interracial relationship, was quoted by the media as saying that he and his wife have had to have “painful conversations” with their teenage son, Dante, about “how to take special care with any encounter he may have with police officers.”

“I’ve had to worry over the years, Chirlane has had to worry: Is Dante safe each night?” de Blasio said earlier this month after the grand jury’s Garner decision. “And not just from some of the painful realities of crime and violence in some of our neighborhoods but safe from the very people they want to have faith in as their protectors.”

Comments such as these, carried prominently by all the major Zio-controlled news networks in America—and syndicated around the world—have now successfully incited large numbers of African-Americans into thinking that so-called “white racism” is at the cause of all their problems.

In fact, as the statistics in New York City clearly show, whites are far more likely to be killed by police than any other race—but the Zio-media has deliberately suppressed this fact in their campaign to incite hatred against European-Americans.

Further evidence of the deliberate Zio-media cover-up has come with the coverage of the shootings of officers Ramos and Liu. It is clear from the facts that Ismaaiyl Brinsley went to New York to murder European-American police officers, and only mistook Ramos and Liu for Europeans because of the late hour at which the shootings took place.

Imagine for a second if the situation had been reversed, and a European-American had hunted down two black police officers for assassination after months of a “European lives matter” type campaign.

The Zio-media would be screaming “white racist murderer” from every headline, and have full details of the “evil” of the deed, and would have described it openly as a “racist murder.”

However, in the Ismaaiyl Brinsley case, the media has refused to even name his race, and it was only from his name, and eventually from his photograph, that anyone was even able to determine his origin.

Imagine if it was the other way around: do you think for a second that the Zio-media would have hesitated to announce in bold type headlines that a “white racist murderer” had killed black policemen?  Of course not—that would have been the very first article that they would have carried!

The NYPD has, correctly, blamed De Blasio’s incitement, and the media, for the assassinations of the two police officers.

But this is only part of the story: the real trail of blood runs back to the Jewish Supremacist fanatics who control the media, and who wage a never—ending war of hatred against European-Americans, inciting African-Americans and creating conflict and violence wherever they can.

All this is done so that the real racists in America, the Jewish Supremacists, can avoid detection and carry on with their activities in peace.

Fortunately, the internet has now allowed the world to shine a spotlight on their previously hidden activities—and now, increasing numbers of people of goodwill from all backgrounds, all ethnic origins, and all viewpoints, can see the Jewish Supremacists for what they are: the ultimate racist threat to all mankind.