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Hear Dr. Duke on Jewish Media Racist Hatred: the Biggest Obstacle to “Peace on Earth”

Now available on the Rense Radio network: Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery  have an incredible pre-Christmas show today on why America and the world is becoming so conflicted. He exposes the biggest obstacle to “Peace on Earth” and “Goodwill Toward Man.”

jewishcensorshismall webp1The truth, he says, is that the Jewish media racistly promotes hatred and racism against the European people as a means of inciting other groups against the very group that Jews perceive as their biggest enemy, the European people. If the Jewish Zionists are going to control America, they must depose the European American majority who stand between them and their complete control takeover of not only European nations but the world at large.

He exposes the fact that police, on a per capita basis have a much greater chance of shooting and killing European American criminal suspects than Black suspects, that the media and politicians are aware of this, but this hateful, racist myth is perpetrated that White racism is causing police to shoot down Black people.
In reality, for instance in New York for the year 2011, whites were less than 3 percent of criminals who fired guns in the commission of crimes, while they were 44 percent of those killed by police gunfire. At the same time blacks who were 67 percent of criminal shooters were only 22 percent of those shot and killed by police.
If there is any racial bias, the facts are clear: it is whites are who shot a vastly higher disproportion than are blacks!

But although the mayor of New York had to be aware of these facts, he helped incite the recent murder of the two policemen, as the Jewish dominated mass media has perpetrated the myth of white racist killings of black people!

The truth is that Jewish media are the real racist perpetrators, and that they promote and incite racist hatred and a degree of self-hatred against whites, both harming whites and black alike.

This is a shocking fact, and once one understands this truth, one quickly realizes that is very convenient for the focus on “racism” is on whites and blacks rather than the real, ultra-racists whose discriminatory tribalist suppression of non-Jews is the key to their supremacy over both whites and blacks in America!
An incredible show today! Share it.

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