Jewish Supremacism

“African Asylum Seekers Don’t Have Equal Rights in Israel”

Zionist Supremacist “philosopher,” and head of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, feted worldwide by Western leaders as an “icon” and “intellectual” has announced that African asylum seekers in Israel don’t have equal rights, that Israel cannot be expected to absorb them all and that they should be moved to European countries instead.


The remarks, made in an interview with the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel, contrast strongly with Jewish Supremacist activity in America and Europe, who are at the forefront of demanding that those nations absorb and legalize all asylum seekers in those countries.

Organizations such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), for example, run well-funded programs to promote immigration and asylum in America.


According to the HIAS website, this Jewish Supremacist organization:

“[P]rovide[s] refugees entering the United States with information, training, and expert advice on immigration law and procedures.

“We assist during the resettlement process by partnering with an affiliate network spanning 30 cities across the U.S. to ensure that the community-based organizations providing refugees with services such as English classes and vocational training have the tools they need to help refugees successfully adapt to life in the United States.

“Our advocacy work in Washington, D.C. educates Washington policy makers on issues impacting refugees and asylum seekers and promotes fair and comprehensive immigration reform.”

Meanwhile, back in Israel, Zionist immigration and asylum policies are exactly the opposite of what they support in America.

Sharansky, who was listed by the Jewish-Supremacist controlled TIME magazine as one the ‘s 100 most influential people in the “Scientists and thinkers” category, and who can gain audiences with all American presidents at a phone call, personified this hypocrisy with his interview with the Times of Israel.

“The requirement for equality of people in democratic countries doesn’t mean that every person in the world has the same rights in this country. Only the citizens of this country… Equality begins with citizenship,” Sharansky was quoted as saying.

“ . . .[t]aking responsibility for the state means nobody should expect, and we should not expect from ourselves, to give them all the same rights as full citizens.”

He excused this policy by claiming that “Israel is in a unique situation as the only Western democracy accessible from Africa over land.

“We, as a border country, are the first refuge that they reach when they are not killed on the way. We have to treat them humanely, but we cannot automatically give everybody the status of a refugee and treat them as political refugees, because really there could then be millions of these.”

Sharansky is head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, best known as the primary organization responsible for the immigration (“Aliyah”) and absorption of Jews into Israel. This immigration policy is primarily based on a biological, race-based descent classification, which allows any Jew from anywhere in the world to automatically settle in that country.

In the Times of Israel article, Sharansky also said that Europe and America should “share the burden” of these African asylum seekers—in other words, that they should be moved out of Israel to those countries.

“The bottom line is that there is no way to accept the migrants’ demand that all of them be automatically recognized as political refugees. There is no country on earth which would do that, least of all the country which is on the border of Africa, and into which millions more would try to cross.

“Some will have to get the status of foreign workers in other countries.

“In speech after speech, President Obama mentions the responsibility of the free world toward central Africa. America says so often that it cannot be indifferent. Well, okay, then let America and others get involved.”

As the policy of the HIAS shows, it is, as usual, one rule for the Zionist Supremacists, and another for everyone else.