Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock – Who’s Behind the Native American “Holocaust” Anti-White Hate Lies of the Global ZioMedia?
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Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock – Who’s Behind the Native American “Holocaust” Anti-White Hate Lies of the Global ZioMedia?


Dr. Duke with Andy Hitchcock today. Dr. Duke does a recap of the massive global Jewish lie alleging th mass murder of Indian school children in Canada more than a hundred years ago. The fact is that the schools were  not a genocidal death camp, but expensive boarding schools aimed at improving the lives of its Indian children. Of course, 100 years plus ago there was still high infant and child mortality in Canada, especially when the 1918 flu epidemic swept through Canada, which, unlike the Coronavirus, was actually deadly to children in mass numbers. Basically, this is just another invented atrocity to be laid at the feet of white people.

Dr. Duke plays a video of the Jewish media claiming 150,000 Indian children attended these schools, and shockingly 4100 died there. The Jewish hatemongers just don’t happen to mention the epidemics that killed hundreds of thousands of Canadians. They just don’t happen to mention that more than 25 percent of all children died before they were 17 years old in Canada during the late 1800s and very early 29th Century. They get caught in their own lies. If the Indian kids in the schools had a “shocking” death toll of 4100 in the school’s history, then only about 3 or 4 percent died in the same years that white and other children in Canada died at a rate of more than 25 percent! If child mortality was more than 25 percent for all of Canada and the Indian School rate was less than 4 percent then at least 30 to 40 thousand Indian kids were saved  by the schools that had a much less death rate than for most white children in Canada. In stead of white people being praised, they are called genocidal. What, were they then? Genocidal against White Children who suffered far higher percentage ot than the Indians who were expensive schools paid for by the struggling Canadian people? Of course all of these lies is because the Jewish mass media is genocidal against not only our White Christian culture but literally attempting to wipe out our people the great nations our people created. It is all a huge psycho war being waged against our people. That is simply a divide and conquer operation to maintain Jewish supremacy of our societies in politics, banking, media and foreign policy for the interests of the true racial and ethnic supremacist racists, the Jewish supremacists of Israel and the Jewish supremacists who control the agenda of many nations!                       

No, Tanto, that’s the wrong answer. Now you have to stay after class and be genocided. Right…

Leon Cooperman Billionaire head of large newspaper chain in Canada along with the Vancouver Sun

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