Zionist Supremacist Arrogance over Palestinian Human Rights Abuses

In America and all other countries, Jewish Supremacist organizations are at the forefront of demanding human rights and opposing what they call “racism”—but in their own country, Israel, they practice the most extreme forms of racism and human rights abuses—and get angry with anyone who dares to point this hypocrisy out.


The latest such example has come with the summoning of the Dutch Ambassador in Tel Aviv, Caspar Veldkamp, to “provide clarifications” on the decision of PGGM, a large Dutch pensions administrator, to divest from five Israeli banks because of their activities in West Bank settlements.

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), this is the “second time in less than a month [that] Israel demanded clarifications from the Netherlands on Dutch firms’ divestment from Israel.

“During the meeting between Veldkamp and Raphael Schutz, the ministry’s deputy director general on European affairs, Schutz told the ambassador that PGGM’s decision is ‘unacceptable and relies on false pretense.’ . . . . Israel expected the Netherlands ‘in the spirit of friendship between our countries, to take an unequivocal stance against such steps, which only wreak damage to the relations,’ according to the JTA.

In December last year, the Israeli ministry summoned Kamp to a meeting on the decision by the Dutch water company Vitens to pull the plug on its joint projects with Mekorot, a major Israeli counterpart, because of its operations in what the Netherlands considers occupied territory.

The sheer arrogance of the Jewish Supremacists in this matter –that the Goyim dare question the God-ordained Zionist right to steal land and resources from Palestinians—was given added weight by the simultaneous news that the Israeli government has just given approval for 1,400 new housing units over the so-called Green Line—in other words, inside Palestinian territory.

Most of the planned construction is for settlements across West Bank. According to the Times of Israel, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously issued similar construction announcements to blunt criticism at home of prisoner releases” and that the “announcement was apparently postponed until after a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who was in the region last week.”

In addition, another 532 units that had been approved for construction in the past, but did not attract offers from builders, are to be put back on the market. The units are to be situated in the neighborhoods of Pisgat Ze’ev, Ramot, and Neve Yaakov, all of which sit over the Green Line.

In November, the Housing and Construction Ministry announced that it had approved the sale of land for some 1,700 apartments over the Green Line, including some 700 new apartments in Jerusalem and 1,030 in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

The Zionist Supremacist seizure of land is so blatant that even some leftist Zionists have come out against it—not on moral grounds, but of a fear that it will jeopardize the entire Zionist ideal.

In America and elsewhere, of course, the Jewish Supremacist hypocrites in the ADL and elsewhere, remain silent on this latest obvious outburst of Jewish Supremacism and racism—as they did on the recent spat over Israel’s anti-Gentile marriage laws.