Zionist Racists Boast on Official Radio Station that They Don’t Rent Houses to Blacks

Tel-AvivWhile the Jewish Supremacist-dominated government in America has just announced new measures to punish European and non-European communities who do not have enough “diversity”, in Israel the same tribalists have boasted on official Israel Army Ride that they do not rent apartments to blacks.

According to a report on the leftist Israeli 972 site, Israeli Army Radio reported last week that  real estate agencies in south Tel Aviv are advertising “clean apartments.”

According to Army Radio’s web site, a real estate agent said, “we don’t let foreign workers rent the apartments. If there are foreigners, then they’re Nepali or Filipino – normal people.”

“Whoever listened to the radio broadcast,” the 972 site pointed out, “could hear the agent say, ‘not blacks.’ For some unknown reason, those two words were omitted from Army Radio’s report on the web.”

The web report on Israeli Army Radio therefore deliberately left out the part of the transcript where the Jewish realtors boasted in the broadcast that they specifically excluded blacks.

As the 972 site pointed out: “Anyone monitoring what is going on here shouldn’t be surprised.

“If the State of Israel believes that asylum seekers belong in administrative detention in a hot prison in the desert, why wouldn’t it be legitimate for individuals to declare that they won’t rent apartments to those asylum seekers?

“If the Interior Ministry insists on a country free of asylum seekers, why shouldn’t real estate agents declare that apartments don’t have ‘infiltrators.’

“In recent months the State of Israel has been abusing asylum seekers in a manner that makes us miss former interior minister Eli Yishai. Yishai the racist was very vocal in expressing his desire to embitter the lives of asylum seekers.

“The attorney general, his deputy, and several other aides have been drafting new regulations for the Interior Ministry in recent weeks, including a procedure allowing incarceration without trial for an indefinite period of time for individuals suspected of misdemeanors including stealing telephones or bicycles, or a procedure allowing for the “voluntary return” of asylum seekers (complete free will – a choice between endless rotting in an Israeli prison or the threat of persecution in their country of origin).

“The notion of clean spaces is not new, and it’s not surprising that it is now being applied to ‘infiltrators.’ One of the candidates for chief rabbi, Shmuel Eliyahu, encouraged people not to rent apartments to Arabs in the past.

“Even among those who condemned him was someone who already expressed her support for the right of residents of communal settlements to decide that they do not want Arabs living among them, and that municipalities have the right to decide that they do not want children of asylum seekers enrolled in schools within their jurisdiction.”

There will, of course, be no outcry in the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media about this latest example of Jewish racism.

This is in strong contrast to the media attention lavished on even the slightest allegation of “racism” by Europeans in particular—but then seasoned observers will know that there is always a double standard at work: one rule for Jewish Supremacists, and another for everyone else.