Bolshevism, Zionism are “Ideologically the Same”: Black Scholar

Zionism ideologically and politically seeks to complete the work that Bolshevism had started and both seek to implicitly destroy Western civilization in all of its manifestations, black scholar Jonas E. Alexis has warned in his column on the Veterans Today website.


Alexis, who is a well-known regular contributor to that website, studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University and has a master’s degree in education from Grand Canyon University, is currently teaching mathematics in South Korea—from where he is able to speak with authority on the influence of Bolshevism in Asia.


He starts out by quoting Winston Churchill:

“In his 1920 essay ‘Zionism vs. Bolshevism: The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People,’ Winston Churchill made the statement that Bolshevism both ideologically and politically “gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads” and slowly led them to the slaughter house, where more than ten million innocent peasants eventually lost their precious lives in less than five years.

“Zionism ideologically and politically seeks to complete the work that Bolshevism had started. Bolshevism quickly spread like wildfire in places like China and other major Asian countries such as Vietnam.

“Even Victor Serge, the revolutionary anarchist who was convicted of terrorism in 1912, declared at the time that ‘The influence of Bolshevism over Asia is very great.’

“As a communist revolutionary, Serge thought that ‘International Communism — dialectical materialism and the theory of action of the proletariat — opens up today the highest possibilities of the European civilisation compromised and threatened by the capitalist regime.’

“The ‘highest possibilities of the European civilization’ ended up being the highest crime probably in human history: Bolshevism in both its metaphysical and ideological form carried out the greatest mass murder, with more than ninety million deaths to its credit.

“What do Police officers do when they are investigating a crime? They find out all that can be found about the crime itself and the people behind it. They also get deeper into the suspect’s origin, their background, and sometimes even their ethnicity and religion.

“Reagan was right in saying that the Soviet Union was ‘the focus of evil in the modern world,’ that it sought to dominate all peoples of the Earth, and that it was ‘an evil empire.’

“Yet in his entire speech, Reagan never told his audience that the Soviet Union at the time was ideologically governed by Bolshevism, which is another Jewish revolutionary movement, and which ultimately sought to destroy Western civilization.

“Reagan should have consulted Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who emphatically declared: ‘There are many Jewish authors who to this very day either deny the support of Jews for Bolshevism, or even reject it angrily, or else—the most common case—only speak defensively about it. The matter is well-attested, however: these Jewish renegades were for several years leaders at the center of the Bolshevik Party, at the head of the Red Army (Trotsky), of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (Sverdlov), of the two capitals (Zinoviev and Kamenev), of the Comintern (Zinoviev), of the Profintern (Dridzo-Lozovsky), and of the Komsomol (Oskar Ryvkin, then Lazar Shatskin). In 1918 Trotsky, with the aid of Sklianski and Yakov Sverdlov, created the Red Army. Jewish soldiers were numerous in its ranks. Several units of the Red Army were composed entirely of Jews, as, e.g., the brigade commanded by Joseph Forman. Among the officers of the Red Army, the share of Jews grew in number and importance for many years after the Civil War.’

“Yet in his book Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes From, neoconservative hawk Daniel Pipes insinuates without a shred of evidence that those who believed that the Bolshevik Revolution was largely Jewish got their sources mainly from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion!

“It got even more hilarious when Pipes accused Henry Hamilton of anti-Semitism for saying that ‘Bolshevism was Judaism.’

“But Pipes does not tell his readers that The Jewish Encyclopedia, Jewish revolutionaries and newspapers and magazines made similar assertions.

“But Bolshevism in its ideological form did not die out then. It has been reincarnated in two identical and Jewish revolutionary movements: Zionism and neoconservatism.

“Both are almost politically indistinguishable and, like Bolshevism, both seek to implicitly destroy Western civilization in all of its manifestations.

“Bolshevism was evil but the mass hysteria did not fully grasp the extent of its evilness until it was almost too late.

“Zionism’s evilness, on the other hand, is being displayed right in front of us, but no politician is brave enough to break its political power.”

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