Zionist Extremists Stop Europeans Leaving their Own Airports!

Anyone who still needed proof about the anti-democratic power of the extremist Zionist lobby in Europe need look no further than the recent news that “Israeli pressure” has caused the cancellation—without refunds—of a number of airline tickets of private individuals from European nations who wished to attend a peace rally in Gaza.

A recent newspaper report revealed that “Israel has forced low-cost airline Jet2 . com to cancel the tickets of three women from Manchester intending to travel to Bethlehem via Tel Aviv for a gathering of pro-Palestinian activists.”

According to the report, Jet2 . com “informed the women by email that the airline would refuse to carry them and no refund would be paid.”

One of the women, retired nurse Norma Turner, was quoted as saying that Jet2 . com had caved in to pressure. “It never crossed my mind that Israel could stop people with British passports leaving British airports,” she said.

“Every country has the right to control its own borders. But to stop us leaving British shores just shows the extent of Israel’s power and influence,” she was quoted as saying.

The ban on flying, carried out in their home nations, affected up to 2,000 mainly European sympathisers who wanted to take part in the peace rally in (the rapidly shrinking) Palestinian territory.

Jet2 . com’s decision followed a similar move by the German carrier Lufthansa, which cancelled the tickets of dozens of activists, “saying it was complying with Israel’s demand not to fly certain passengers to Tel Aviv. Other airlines are expected to follow suit,” the news report continued.

“In an email sent to the three women, Jet2 . com said it had been obliged to provide the Israeli authorities passengers’ names, dates of birth, passport numbers and nationalities.

“We regret that, in light of the decision taken by the Israeli authorities, we are unable to accept you for carriage to Israel on this occasion and your booking with Jet2.com has been cancelled.”

To add insult to injury, the airline said that passengers would not be reimbursed.

The Zionist rulers of Israel said they would place anyone who flew into what they called a “detention facility” (read Zionist concentration camp). “The provocateurs will be dealt with in a determined and quick way,” Israel’s public security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, was quoted as saying. “If they arrive, they will be identified, removed from the plane, they will be moved to a detention facility.”

A similar “flytilla” last July resulted in the detention and deportation of scores of activists. In May 2010, a flotilla of boats attempting to reach Gaza ended in Israeli forces shooting dead nine activists.

Thus is the nature of the “democratic Jewish state” of Israel, kept alive by US tax dollars.