Jewish Extremists Elect “Jews-Only” Parliament

The recent inaugural meeting of the first ever “European Jewish Parliament”—which took place in the official European Union Parliamentary building complex—is a racially-based, Jews-only organization designed to serve the interests of that group only.

All peoples, of all races and all nations, have the right to elect bodies which govern themselves and look after their own interests. This is the principle of self-determination, which is written into the United Nations’ Founding Charter.

Yet, these very same Jewish extremists who openly flaunt their Jews-only parliament before the world, are at the forefront in denying that vey same right to all other people.

In Palestine, ordinary Palestinian people have been robbed of their land, murdered, terrorized and abused for daring to try and elect am authority which represented their interests.

In America, Jewish Supremacist extremists in the ADL, the “Southern Povery Law Center” and the Simon Wiesenthal Center” are at the forefront of suppressing any attempt by European-Americans or African-Americans to assert their political rights and to stand up for their communities.

This vicious double standard applies equally to pro-European American politicians and activists such as David Duke as much as it does to Afro-American activists such as Louis Farrakhan.

In addition, Jewish extremist organizations such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which specialize in importing as many diverse “immigrants” as possible into America, are part of a larger Jewish Supremacist network which rigorously polices the ethnic purity of Israel and warns against “losing Jewish identity” by allowing non-Jews into the Zionist state.

In Europe, Jewish supremacist organizations in every nation are at the forefront of suppressing any form of self-determination for Europeans. They use the code word of “anti-racist” for their anti-European activities, in exactly the same way they use the “anti-Semitism” codeword for anyone who criticizes the activities of the racist Zionist state of Israel.

In the Middle East, Zionist agents regularly murder and assassinate opponents, in Gaza, Dubai, Iran and other nations, all in the name of “preserving Israel.”

The existence of the European Jewish Parliament, to whom Jews from all over Europe were elected—by other Jews, after a careful screening and registration process (no doubt to make sure they were only dealing with bona fide Jews) was first envisioned by Zionist extremist Shimon Peres, former President of the state of Israel who is credited with bringing nuclear weapons to the Middle East.

According to its own publicity material, the European Jewish Parliament would “ensure that the interests of Jewish communities are included and properly represented” and that only “Jews residing in the EU countries and countries of the EJU family . . . will have an opportunity to be elected and to elect the Parliament.”

Of course, the very notion of a Jews-only parliament is contrary to EU anti-discrimination laws—which some of the Jewish extremist members of the new Jews-only parliament, in their capacities as EU members of parliament, helped draw up.

According to EU law, it is illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of color, gender, religion or ethnic origin—and a Jews-only parliament therefore discriminates against non-Jews by its very nature.

Imagine the outcry from these same Jewish supremacists if Germans—or any other nation on earth—elected elected a parliament from which Jews were specifically excluded.

The Jewish extremists would be crying “racism” and “anti-Semitism” from the rooftops –but in the hypocritical upside down world of Jewish Supremacy, it is perfectly acceptable to have a Jews-only parliament to “serve their interests.”