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Zionist Cuckservative Jonah Goldberg Demands Dr. Duke Must Never be Allowed Freedom of Speech! The Goyim Know Why!


Today Dr. Duke talked about the open attack on his right to free speech. Just days after YouTube made Dr. Duke’s videos (including the tribute to his late dog) unviewable in most of Europe, National Review Senior Editor (((Jonah Goldberg))) has questioned Dr. Duke’s right to lecture on campuses.

He brought on British activist and author Mark Collett who pointed out that the problem that people like Goldberg have with David Duke is not that he speaks hatefully, but that he speaks truthfully. If Dr. Duke simply reads directly from Jewish authors about Jewish control of the media, Israeli cooperation with ISIS, or Jewish hostility towards European, he is committed the biggest crime in the Talmud: Letting the goyim know!

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