Zionist-Controlled Media’s Double Standards

A firebomb attack on African refugees in Israel has been dismissed as a “minor incident” by Tel Aviv police, and has received almost no publicity in the Zionist-controlled media—in contrast to even the slightest incident which can be blamed on European Americans, such as the (totally false) Trayvon Martin case.

Newspapers in Israel have given minor coverage to the fact that a Jew has been arrested for the Molotov cocktail attacks on houses containing African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv.

But, as the pro-Palestinian activists and leftist Jew Leehee Rotschild asked in a blog post “What if refugees were to fire bomb Israeli houses?”

Writing on the blog, Rotscild said “Let’s take a moment to imagine what would happen if Eritrean refugees had thrown Molotov cocktails into Jewish houses and a kindergarten, let’s say in Jerusalem, or Haifa.

“The police would be there as soon as it happened, certainly before the third and fourth attacks, and so would the media, to whom they would immediately call and issue a statement. They would promise not to rest until they had their hands on those responsible.

“Netanyahu would be out and about declaring, ‘This shall not pass,’ and ‘We’ll make them pay,’ and almost all parliament members from the extreme right to the so-called ‘Zionist left’ would stand alongside him, competing for who screams for the bloodiest and most brutal vengeance.

“The Israeli media would dub the incident a terrorist attack. They would be speaking about those shameless terrorists who target kids.

“They would interview the residents of the houses, the parents of the children who go to the kindergarten, random people who happened to be in the street not long after, and many more.

“There would be ambulances to make sure nobody was hurt, and probably some of the residents of the house would be proclaimed as suffering from shock and panic.

“The mayor would promise to give material aid to the residents and to renovate the houses and kindergarten at the municipality’s expense, and the residents would be invited to a hotel suite until renovations are completed.

“The kindergarten would have reopened to great fanfare in a matter of a week, with the presence of the mayor, the president and probably a few more, while the innocent faces of the children smile for the camera, as they say that yes, they’re scared, but they’re also brave, and trust our government.

“We’d see people everywhere expressing shock and outrage, at this horrible, horrible thing that had just happened. The entire country would unite in collecting food and toys and clothes and donations to these poor kids and poor people who had the misfortune of being the victims of such an atrocious crime.

“Let’s imagine, for just a moment, what it would have been like. And then let’s go back to the reality – in which the Molotov cocktails were most likely thrown by Jews, the victims are refugees and migrant workers, and Israeli police described it as nothing more than a ‘minor incident’ – so we can all relax.”

The attacks are not the first. In December 2010, a racially tinged demonstration was held in the same neighborhood against the large number of African refugees and migrant workers who reside there. The demonstration came less than a week after unidentified assailants threw a burning tire at an apartment full of Sudanese in Ashdod.

Five of the seven residents of the apartment suffered smoke inhalation before they were able to break a window and flee in the Ashdod incident.

That same night, three teenage girls born in Israel to African migrant workers were beaten by a mob of youths near the entrance to the Hatikva neighbourhood.

If gangs of European Americans ran around beating up Africans, Jews or anybody else, the Zionist-controlled media would make sure it was front page news in the US and around the world—yet criminal acts by Jewish Supremacists are covered up and ignored….