Jewish Supremacists Push Mixed Marriages for Everyone—Except Jews

Jewish Supremacist organizations are the first to attack any group (such as European Americans or the Nation of Islam) who support diversity and the maintenance of individual cultures and peoples around the world.

Yet the largest Jewish organization in the world, Chabad, has whole websites, books and outreach groups devoted to ensuring that Jews only marry Jews.

On its website, Chabad claims to be “the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.”

One of the more recent such displays of Jewish supremacist hypocrisy is an article by Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in Montevideo, Uruguay, and a contributor to the main Chabad website, Chabad.org.

In his article, Rabbi Shemtov said that one “of the most worrisome and least understood subjects of Jewish life is that of intermarriage.”

“On the one hand, parents feel that when their child marries a non-Jew, he or she is breaking the millennia-long chain of Jewish continuity and they do not want to allow that to happen.

“On the other hand, they feel uncomfortable to openly oppose intermarriage because of its racist connotations. Why disqualify someone as a potential marriage partner just because he or she was born of a non-Jewish womb? It seems to be a discriminatory attitude.”

The rabbi then goes on to explain how to make un an “explanation” to a “non-Jewish friend to justify the refusal to consider them for marriage?” without sounding “racist.”

According to the Rabbi, the “primary source upon which the prohibition for a Jew to marry a non-Jew is based is to be found in the Bible (Deut. 7:3): “You shall not marry them (the gentiles, about which the Bible speaks in the previous verses), you shall not give your daughter to their son and you shall not take his daughter for your son.”

The reason for this prohibition is clearly spelled out in the following verse: “Because he will lead your son astray from Me and they will serve strange gods…” (“Strange gods” can also be interpreted to mean those ideals and ‘isms’ that do not conform to the dictates of the Torah, and before which one bows his head and dedicates his heart and soul.)

The Talmud (Yevamot 23a) points out – and Rashi quotes it in his commentary on the aforementioned verse – that from the precise expression of the verse (he -and not she- will lead your son astray) we can derive two things. In the event that your daughter marries “their son,” he will eventually lead astray your sons (in other words, your grandchildren, who will still be considered your sons) from the path of the Torah. In the event that your son will marry their daughter, her children are no longer considered your children, but her children. They are not considered Jewish.”

Incredibly, the rabbi claims that is not “racial discrimination” (but it clealry is) but “what we are talking about here is an objective, Divine command that is accompanied by an explanation. If your son will marry a non-Jewish woman, the children born of this union are no longer considered to be your children. In the event that your daughter marries a non-Jew, inevitably your grandchildren will stray very far from the path of Judaism even though they will still be considered Jewish.”

In other words, the rabbi justifies racial segregation because it is a command from God.

The rabbi goes on to once again claim a divine mission for Jews in the world: “Taking into account the primary responsibility that the Jew has to fulfill the precepts of the Torah, it is evident that it is mandatory that Jews marry within the faith, because if not, it will be impossible to continue fulfilling the obligation that one has to manifest Divinity in this world which is possible only by fulfilling G-d’s will. Intermarriage is a clear contradiction to G-d’s stated will.”

Any Christian who said that Christians should not marry Jews would doubtless be charged with “hate crimes” and run out of town. But it seems as if the Jewish Supremacists have one law for themselves, and another for everyone else.

Chabad, however, is regularly hosted at the White House and have “teach ins” for the Gentile rulers of America–and for other nations around the world.

Read Rabbi Shemtov’s full arguments against Jewish intermarriage.