Winter Solstice & the True History of Christmas
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Winter Solstice & the True History of Christmas

The word Christmas comes from the Old English words Christ’s Mass. In German it is Weihenachten or Holy Night (of the Birth of Christ), In Spain, it is Navidad (Nativity), Russia Рождество (the Birth). The early Church of Rome purposely chose December 25th for the Birth of Jesus Christ because it was the Roman calendar date for Winter Solstice, the sign of the sun’s nadir: the rebirth of the sun and spring and the life it brings. It was the most universally important day of ancient Europeans which the church adopted to mark the Birth of Christ and the promise of new life from Him. Its religious and cultural significance dovetailed perfectly with the ancient culture of Europe and symbolized our hopes both for ourselves and our children. 

The Culture of Christmas is deeply embedded in the Soul of Our People

Created 5000 years ago, Stonehenge was a solar and celestial calendar that long predated Christmas as it celebrated the zenith solstice of the sun in June and the sun’s nadir and rebirth heralded in December. The Christian celebration of the Birth of Christ seemed a natural fit with our ancient culture.

In fact, the Church incorporated the Christmas (Yule) tree, green wreaths of life and unity. The Snow Father transformed into St. Nicklaus (Santa Klaus). Gift giving and symbols of new life, love and generosity centered on the family, children and community amid the cold and darkness of winter. Christian Christmas melded easily to our family and community ethics. It became a universally revered day for White people everywhere in the the world.

The White Christian Heritage of America

 It’s politically incorrect to say it, but we must remember the American Founding Fathers were 100 percent White and overwhelmingly Christian. Even those of varying religious views universally identified themselves, our culture and nation as “Christian..” The Declaration of Independence claims our rights “are endowed by their Creator” and invokes the “protection of Divine Providence.” The Constitution’s authors marked its date as “In the Year of Our Lord..” They also openly loved Our White heritage. Indeed, one of the first laws they enacted allowed immigration only to “Free White people.” They permitted Christian prayers, hymns in government and almost every President from Washington on down was sworn in on the Christian Bible. They were Christians, White people and the Declaration was extremely Nationalist. Truth is, they were clearly White Nationalists!

Who is the Grinch “Who Stole Christmas?” Hint, He is not a Goy

   Up until 1989 we could celebrate Christmas on public ground. Rich and powerful Jewish groups like the American Jewish Committee, the ADL and the Jewish-run ACLU waged war on Christmas. Their chutzpah demanded Christmas symbols be banned on all public ground in America. Chutzpah is explained by Jewish comics as, “a Jew found guilty of the murder of his parents, demands mercy because he is an orphan.” The same act that banned Christian symbols because they were “religious” gave Jews the right to erect thousands of Jewish Menorahs, the oldest symbol of the religion of Judaism and their massacre of Greek Goyim and preserver (((their))) race.. Now, that’s chutzpah!

The 80 % Christian people of America can’t have a Nativity scene, but a small but powerful tribe can put up monster size Jewish Menorahs celebrating Jewish racism. David Brooks of the 100% Jewish-owned NY Times boasted of the “Jewish Takeover of America.” So True!

Christian Symbols & Ceremonies Banned — Monster Menorahs Erected !

Winter is here, but our sun rises from the darkness to soon illuminate Earth and sky —
Our ancestors defeated the Ice Age. We will defeat this foe

   The arrogant (((tyrants))) think (((they))) have won. But, I know we will taste victory, and (((they)) know it too! That is why they are desperate to shut us down!

My Christmas Wish for You and Yours!

 I hope you enjoyed this unusual Christmas Card. Perhaps it gave you a smile in a world seemingly gone mad.. Yet, Aryan courage and valor always rises in the face of invasion. It elicits magnificent expressions of our people’s indomitable spirit. Christmas and its shared Solstice celebrate renewal of life that stirs in the darkest days of winter, oppression and depression.  Let us embrace the beauty and joy of our families and friends, rekindle our faith, steel our bodies, heal our health, inspire our minds, and make our hearts beat with greater love, strength and purpose than ever before. Be Merry this Christmas – Love and Feast and Play and Rest You Brave Warriors. Thank You for letting me Serve You!