Why the Zionist Oligarchs of Internet Hate Free Speech!
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Why the Zionist Oligarchs of Internet Hate Free Speech!

Media oligarchs who control speech, control thoughts.

Controlling thoughts controls actions. Controlling actions endangers every aspect of life and liberty.

Free Speech is ultimately vital to being human.

It is the most important aspect of everything we refer to as freedom.

Without it, a tyranny can get away with anything.


With control of speech any Injustice, repression mass murder, corruption, unjust and unnecessary wars are all possible.

Even with the more primitive forms of media, newspapers, radio, TV and movies, since the First World War we have had a hundred years of the greatest mass killing wars in all history, with all these wars driven by the Media.

Restricting free speech is necessary in every war, and in every tyranny.

Ounce by Ounce, reason and truth outweighs lies and corruption.

But reason and truth can be always be outweighed by massive suppression and massive lies and propaganda.

It has never been more possible to corrupt the mind than in this the digital age.

Technology and concentration of money and global corporations have never been more ominous.

In all history, never has media of all kinds been more omnipresent, more persuasive, more able to control what people deem as true and untrue.

Never has media of all types been able to control emotion and the far more primitive, emotional parts of brain.

Never have the most powerful billionaires had more control of the 99.99 percent of the rest of humanity.

Never have corporations and banks been more powerful.

Never have governments been more tyrannical  controllers of every aspect of our lives.

Never have governments been bigger and more able to repress freedom with an infrastructure that dictate and influence every part of a human being’s life, beliefs and actions.

Never have Secret Police, FBI, CIA NSA and its state counterparts all over the world, been more powerful.

The great tyrants of the past never had power over their conquered nations than the globalists have today.

If tyrants have control over both the instruments of massive government, even global institutions such as UN, WHO and Economic Organizations, and they also have control over mass media, communication, Internet and speech, there is no greater threat to human freedom.

 Threats to freedom for any population or nation is ultimately the greatest threat to their very existence.

The Zionist, Jewish Hollywood/NY axis of movies, TV, cable and publishing are extremely powerful shapers of human beliefs and actions.

But, the two biggest controllers of all types of human communication, speech, of thoughts, and ultimately human actions, are Google and Facebook. Because are the primary way people communicate today.

When the power went down in New Orleans during a recent hurricane. There 10 times more complaints about not have Internet access than electric power or TV access.

Internet communications between people worldwide are almost wholly controlled by just 3 people out of the 7.5 billion people on the Earth.

Just three people.

Imagine, three people can decide and direct what most people on earth see, read, hear and say on Internet. They also decide what people will not see.

The three people are Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. 2.7 billion subscribers.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google with over 90 percent of searches (billions per day) and Youtube which controls well over 90 percent of video views worldwide.

They are not Russians and they are not Chinese.

They are Jews dedicated to and openly supporting organizations and policies to advance the interests of Jews worldwide and the “Jewish State of Israel.”

Zuckerberg, Brin and Page are dedicated Jews who openly proclaim their identity and loyalty to the Jewish people, Jewish economic, social and political organizations dedicated to “Jewish interests” and the Jewish Ethno State of Israel.

Interestingly, there have been massive media allegations that the Russians and Chinese try to use the Internet to influence elections.

There has not been any effort to suppress the idea that Russians and Chinese in the Jewish-dominated mass media.

But there have been massive efforts to suppress the overwhelming fact of Jews utilizing media and Internet to advance their agenda and interests!

Mainstream Media often demands criminal prosecution of anyone who simply points our Jewish media power.

In a number of nations one can be imprisoned for simply pointing out Jewish power.

The Jewish owners of Internet social media and big mainstream media are proud of their Jewish ancestry and identity. They loyalists and partisans for their people and Israel.

They give millions to Jewish organizations that work for their political and social agenda.

They openly follow the directions of organizations dedicated to specifically Jewish interests and the Jewish State of Israel, such as the Zionist partisan ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.

They have the power to control, promote or suppress what billions of people read, see, hear and speak.

They do just that. Every day.

They do it by promoting speech the advancing their ethnic identity and power and suppressing speech that exposes it. They do it by controlling 95 percent of Internet Searches to advance their own financial interest and their ethnic interests and to silence any criticism of the Jewish supremacy they exert in the Global Media, Global Banking, and in Government.

They have the power to also silence anyone who dares to point out the real supremacy that impacts America and almost anyone of intelligence and intellect.

Their power is the greatest threat to humanity, to human freedom, and to all peoples on Earth than any other…ever.

Everything I have said here is fact.

But, even if you share it, post it, email it to friends and others, you can be sure that these facts will be suppressed.

That’s why after years of non-violent rational discourse on this subject I have been suppressed by the Zionist media. Of course, because I expose the Zionist identity of the greatest threats to human rights in all of human history!