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'Who is to blame?'

Those Who Hire Illegal Aliens Cause Americans 9,125 Deaths Annually

By Frosty Wooldridge
August 14th, 2006

Iowa’s United States Congressman Steve King told a crowd in Des Moines in June, “Illegal aliens cause the death of 25 American citizens every day…13 by drunken driving and 12 by stabbings or gun fire.”

That daily figure adds up to 9,125 deaths annually caused primarily by illegal alien Mexicans residing in America. Mike Rosen, radio talk show host in Denver, said it wasn’t significant when you consider our country of 300 million. A listener corrected him, “It’s not significant unless it’s your father or family member who gets killed.”

More sobering, almost eight times as many deaths of civilian Americans have occurred in our own country in three years than deaths to our soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. It’s safer in a war zone than on our own highways and in our own homes in America. At the same time, South Koreans are safer in their own homes with 37,000 American troops guarding their border from North Korea for the past 40 years–with our troops and tax dollars–than we are in our own country.

Why do Americans suffer this kind of carnage in their own nation? Who is to blame? (….Full Article)