“White Christmas” Card From Dr. David Duke
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“White Christmas” Card From Dr. David Duke

Why Christmas (Solstice) is the most meaningful time of year for Europeans all over the World

By Dr. David Duke — It is no accident that Christmas closely coincides with the even more ancient European celebration of Solstice, for Solstice is the celebration of the nadir of winter, and the warmth, beauty and light to come. And it certainly is the most meaningful day of the year for all Europeans; Protestant or Catholic, Christian or Norse, believer or nonbeliever. For on this day we are all believers in a sense. We are believers in goodness, in beauty, in nature, in love and in the bright faces of our children and the angelic light reflected from their eyes and hair.

Through the Christmas motif is the expression of life, from the Birth of the Savior, to the symbol of life and nature expressed in our fragrant evergreen Christmas trees. It is in the sheer joy on the faces of our children and to a ruddy-faced, white bearded Santa Claus in his red costume of the far north.
An apt symbol is Father Christmas for he is like the archetypical

grandfather of our people. European legend has him coming from the northern icy regions that symbolize the ancestral home of our people. In fact, our race was fashioned and honed in the crucible of the last great ice age and the fierce weather that ruled over Europe 40,000 years ago. This archetypical European Santa comes to us in the dead of winter and in the dead of night to bring us gifts of love, joy and hope!
For Our Movement dedicated to the life and freedom of our people, Christmas should be a holy day and Christmas Eve a holy night, a silent night of wonder, beauty and meaning.

The most daunting enemy of our people is hopelessness and despair. We who are fully aware of the ongoing genocide of our Folk across the world, the onrushing death of our people, sometimes seek to lessen the hurt in our hearts by the solace of alcohol or the mass addiction to the commercialized spectator sports in the Western World, anything to get our minds off of the painful prospect of the destruction and extinction of all we hold close to our hearts.

But, those who have written off the European peoples will be surprised in the next decade, for a Great Awakening is now stirring among our Folk. The same genes that gave us our ancient heroes and artisans, commanders and poets are still within us. They are still in the soul and sinew of our children. It is our sacred task to touch those genes, to touch the hearts and minds of our people and bring them to the truth and to life again!
As Solstice/Christmas is the nadir of winter, so this moment in history is the nadir of our people. But, the winter winds of death will be replaced soon with a warm spring breeze of life and renewal. Christmas has given us many gifts. One gift we have is the Internet by which our people can communicate wherever they are in the world – in an instant. We now have the ability to get the truth out to our brethren at the speed of light wherever our people dwell.

Have no fear my brethren, this is the Winter Solstice of our people, the spring will not be far behind if only you keep the faith and the beauty for which we strive. Contemplate these things in the silence of Christmas Eve, and celebrate them in the unrestrained joy of Christmas Day with family and friends, for these days are your days, make them meaningful!
Oh silent night, oh Holy Night! Let the love of kith and kin fill our hearts. Let these days renew us and rededicate us to our heritage and our freedom. ?

Right now as you read or hear these words, there are teenage boys and girls in their own homes around the world who read these words along with you. And these words sing to their hearts as they do sing from mine. What is the song we sing? It is the song of love of family and Folk. It is the song of life and of freedom. It is the song of beauty and achievement. It is the song our people have sung in their hearts from the time they emerged from the snow mists and brought civilization to the Earth. It is a song that we shall sing as we awaken and it will stir the hearts of our descendants even as they travel to the infinite stars.