What Would the Jewish Supremacists Say if Any Country Barred Jews from Housing Developments?

Yet another display of Zionist hypocrisy and Jewish Supremacist media cover-up for their tribal state has come with the news that the Jewish state has authorized the building of another 1,200 “settlement” houses on Palestinian land—as “negotiations” are about to start.


The news of the building program was barely touched upon by the Jewish Supremacist controlled media in the west, and where it was mentioned, it was glossed over and covered up with the news that Israel had also released Palestinian prisoners.

This is a typical tactic for the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media: either ignore outrageous Jewish behavior completely or if it is reported, drown it out with some other simultaneous news which receives far more “coverage.”

The Israeli settlement program in the occupied “Palestinian areas” has been steadily growing and the area is now home to some 560,000 Jews, up from almost nothing just a decade or two ago.

Construction Minister Uri Ariel said they would be built in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to “meet the needs of Israeli citizens.”

In other words, these new housing developments are for Jews only. Imagine for a second if any other nation on earth announced a building project anywhere in which Jews were to be specifically excluded.

These same Jewish Supremacists would be up in arms over any such move, attacking it as “racist” and “evil”—but in Israel, they can announce and implement such a policy without any criticism from their tribalist-controlled international media at all.