Want to get into Harvard? Tell them you're Jewish!

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — It’s that time of year again. The last couple of weeks before applications are due for admission to America’s leading universities. High school seniors are busily filling out forms, writing essays, sending test scores, and hounding their counselors for transcripts and teachers for recommendations. Competition is fierce, and students are looking for anything that will give them an advantage. Well, here is some advice: say your Jewish.

I have crunched the numbers, at least for Harvard. A Hispanic, not even factoring in qualifications, has an 80% higher chance of being accepted than a non-Jewish non-Hispanic white. A black has about the same chance as a Hispanic. Asians have about a ten times higher chance. However, a Jew has a 40 times higher chance of getting in that a person of European Christian background! Here are the numbers from Harvard:

Harvard enrollment for the class entering 2010:
Asian 16%
Black non-Hispanic 7%
Hispanic 8%
International 10%
Mixed 3%
Unknown 12%
Jewish 24%
White non-Hispanic Non-Jewish 19%
(Sources: Harvard Provost Office, Hillel)

Meanwhile, this is a breakdown of the U.S. Population:
Asian 5%
Black 13%
Hispanic 15%
Mixed 1%
Other 1%
Jewish 2%
White non-Hispanic Non-Jewish 64%

The figures I am presenting here do not account for relative qualification, only for the likelihood of a member of the various racial groups getting into Harvard. Still, it stretches the imagination that Jews are so much more qualified that they would be 40 times as likely to be Harvard material than whites. They can get away with this in large part because they can pass themselves off as white when it is convenient for them while all the while operating stealthily within their own networks. Their massive privilege is never called out, but rather misidentified as “white privilege,” which has the added bonus stoking the hostilities of other minorities against “majority whites.” This is “divide and conquer” at its most effective.

The problem it is not limited to Harvard. The story is the same at most elite universities in the United States. For a meticulously researched and documented analysis, please refer to “The myth of American meritocracy: How corrupt are Ivy League admissions, by Ron Unz. Unz makes it clear beyond a doubt that Jewish over-representation at elite universities has much more to do with networking than qualifications. For an excellent summary of and commentary on Unz’s long thesis, please read Kevin MacDonald’s review in the Occidental Observer. It is clear that not only have Jews taken over our elite universities and instituted massive preferences for there own tribe, but they are implementing systematic and severe discrimination of whites. This is a key part of their efforts to marginalize whites, as these universities are the gateway to careers of power, influence, and wealth.

Now, I want to make it clear that I AM NOT JOKING when I say that whites should claim to be Jewish on their college admissions. For centuries Jews have gone crypto when it suited their interests. We need to do the same. So if you are applying or you know anyone who is applying, this is what to do:

All the elite schools take applications via the on-line Common Application. On the Common Application’s demographics page, use the optional pull down menu about religious affiliation and select Jewish. Don’t be shy. Then in the writing section make sure you refer to your Jewish heritage in one of the two essays that you are required to submit. They have suggested topics, but you are free to think of your own. One of the suggested topics is an ethical dilemma you have faced. Talk about the dilemma you faced as a Jew having to sing Christmas carols at your school. Another topic is to describe a character in fiction or a historical figure that has had an influence on you. You could pick Anne Frank. Say you lost many relatives in the Holocaust. All of humanity is one big family right? So we all lost relatives. Okay, so maybe your just too honest to do any of the above. Have no fear. Almost every schools application is going to ask you why you want to apply to that school. Make sure to include among your reasons that you are attracted to the vibrant Jewish life on campus. Why not? These are the little signals that Jews give to each other that allow them to take over institutions and afford privileges to their fellow tribesmen.

I want everyone to remember that this is not simply a self-serving act of deceit, but a crucial form of non-violent resistance. If large numbers of whites pass themselves off as Jews on college applications, it will make it more difficult for Jewish admissions officers to continue with their practice of concentrating privilege on Jews and marginalizing whites. Don’t worry if your name is McGillicutty. In my experience it is just those half-breeds who are most likely to wear their Jewish heritage on their sleeves. And once you are admitted, you are under no obligation to continue the masquerade. If anything it will attract attention to Jewish privilege and white marginalization of it becomes common knowledge that whites are going crypto on their college applications in order to gain advantage in the admissions process. Shalom, y’all!