“Middle East’s Only Democracy” Set to Ban Arab Parties

Jewish Supremacists always preface a description of Israel with the words “the Middle East’s only democracy”—but this, like everything else they say, is just a lie, as a new move to ban at least two Arab-Israeli parties from taking part in upcoming elections has shown.

The move to ban the Balad (National Democratic Alliance) and the United Arab List-Ta’al Party has been prepared with the filing of several motions filed with the Central Election Committee to disqualify a Balad member of the Knesset and to prevent either of those two parties from even taking part in elections.

The reason for the “Middle East’s only democracy” to ban these parties is their policies. According to the Balad party program, it wants to transform the state of Israel “into a democracy for all its citizens, irrespective of national or ethnic identity.”

This is obviously not what the Zionist Supremacists want, and the move to ban Balad simply for being in favor of democracy reveals the true hypocrisy and lying nature of the Jewish Supremacists.

Balad Knesset member Hanin Zoabi, speaking during a Knesset hearing this week on several motions filed with the Central Election Committee to have her disqualified, warned that she “represents a generation. Disqualifying me is disqualifying an entire generation of Palestinians.”

According to the Israeli Ynet News Service, the Election Committee is likely to grant the motions, in which case the issue of disqualification will be brought before the High Court of Justice.

“My problem is I’m not a terrorist, our problem is we are democrats in a non-democratic environment. This Knesset never forgot I’m both a woman and a Palestinian and it was used against me in the worst chauvinistic way,” Zoabi added.

So next time you read or hear about “the Middle East’s only democracy,” remember that it is just another Jewish Supremacist lie.