Update on the Ken Livingstone story. Now we find the real reason for attack on him!

Jewish supremacist Melanie Phillips (left) unwittingly exposes the real reason why Ken Livingstone is under attack.

Update on the Ken Livingstone affair!
Now we know the real reason for the attack on him!

By David Duke

A recent article by a writer for the Daily Mail newspaper, Jewish supremacist Melanie Phillips, exposes the real reason why Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, has come under such scathing attack. Her article was written for the magazine of fellow Jewish supremacist David Horowitz, FrontPage, and it shows how Livingstone has dared to criticize the racist policies of Israel and associate with people who oppose the Zionist state.

Before discussing this issue, I want to mention the fact that Ken Livingstone has never been a friend of the European American people. He has welcomed with open arms the massive non-European immigration in Britain which is in effect ethnically cleansing the land of Shakespeare and Nelson.

He has embraced the Jewish supremacist agenda which has been the driving force of immigration and multiculturalism all over the European world.

He has welcomed the cultural and moral dissolution of our people launched by the anti-White psychologies of the extremely anti-gentile Sigmund Freud and the later the pathologically anti-White rantings of the Frankfurt School. In fact, at the time of his Jewish indiscretion he was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the coming out of the gay member of parliament Chris Smith.

Livingstone has been a key promoter of Holocaust commemoration, but of course has never said a word or laid a wreath for the victims of the worst mass murder of all time, the Bolshevik-Jewish mass murder of tens of millions of Russians, Ukrainians and other Eastern and Central Europeans.

But, Livingstone apparently is that very odd and increasingly rare creature called a sincere liberal. He really believes all the anti-racist propaganda spewed by the Jewish press, so much so that he slowly put two and two together and realized that Israel was a Jewish supremacist state that is every bit as “racist” as was Nazi Germany and is one of the modern day’s most brutal and murderous regimes. Those who lived during the Nazi occupation of France and who have also seen the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, will tell you that life is considerably worse in the West Bank. After the occupation of France, the Germans did not routinely shoot French children on the streets and scatter machine gun or rocket fire into neighborhoods full of women and children. This has been almost a daily occurrence in Palestine.

In fact, in the German drives against the Soviets there was no mass efforts of terror and ethnic cleansing to make way for any proposed German Lebensraum. In fact, such ethnic cleansing by terror was and is at the very core of the founding and expansion of the Jewish state. They continuously try to make life so intolerable for the Palestinian people that they embark from their land and flee to other nations where they can find some semblance of normal life.

Livingstone began to see that Zionism and Israel in particular is a virulent racial supremacist state. Its agents are all over the world in media and government. Their task is to keep this fact from the general consensus and to bludgeon down any public official who dares to mention this obvious fact. Livingstone has also committed the unpardonable sin of associating with unapproved Palestinian patriots. Such is unacceptable in the Jewish-dominated press. It is of course, perfectly acceptable for Bush and Blair to kiss and hug with certified war criminals and mass murderers such as Ariel Sharon and the long line of Jewish terrorists that preceded him.

Much of the Jewish press in Britain has been out to get Ken Livingstone for a long-time, for no matter how much he endorsed the destructive Jewish agenda for Britain it was never enough, for one must never speak an iota of evil about the Jewish Apartheid State. It is interesting to note the flimsy grounds they chose to attack him on. Here is a quote from Ms. Phillips on his supposed response to a Jewish reporter that has been dogging and attacking him for years:

At a publicly funded party he threw to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Labour MP Chris Smith coming out as gay, Livingstone was door-stepped by Oliver Finegold, a reporter for the London Evening Standard. The mayor responded by asking whether he had previously been a German war criminal. When Finegold protested that he was Jewish, Livingstone observed: “Arrr, right, well you might be Jewish but actually you are just like a concentration camp guard, you are just doing it because you are paid to, aren’t you?”

She goes on to write about this terrible offense of Livingstone:

…Likening Finegold to a concentration camp guard when Livingstone knew he was a Jew was unforgivable. Not only was it deeply offensive, but in calling a Jew a Nazi it trivialized the Holocaust and denied the history of Jewish suffering. And this from a mayor whose professed “anti-racism” defines his politics.

You see, you can’t liken an individual Jew, no matter how obnoxious, to a concentration camp guard. You have stepped on the toes of the Holy People, the unassailable people, the people you can’t criticize or God help you! Getting into an argument with an individual Jew and likening him to concentration camp guard is hardly trivializing the Holocaust. But, they operate on the idea that a Nazi shooting someone is the epitome of evil, but a Jewish IDF man shooting a Palestinian child is simply Jewish self-defense. Although the Zionists have locked up hundreds of thousands in prisons and concentration camps and tortured thousands of Palestinians, Even though there have been plenty of Jewish concentration camp guards, Jews can’t be compared to concentration camp guards. If Livingstone would have compared an obnoxious Gentile reporter of being like a concentration camp guard, no big deal. And I think most children as they go through their struggles for freedom during puberty also liken their parents to concentration camp guards. But no matter, Mr. Livingstone must pay. Phillips goes on:

It has all been made even worse by Livingstone’s refusal to apologize. The Greater London Assembly, the mayor’s “parliament,” is appalled. The promoters of London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympics, which was being assessed by the International Olympic Committee this very week, are aghast. The mayor’s own advisers have told him to apologize. Prime Minister Tony Blair, has told him to say he is sorry. The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Commission for Racial Equality have reported him to the Assembly’s Standards Board, which could ban him from office for five years.

Can you read this clap-track with without laughing? Likening an obnoxious reporter to a concentration camp guard may well cost London the 2012 Olympics? Who the hell cares about the private comment of a mayor to an obnoxious reporter? Well who other than, of course, the Jews who may sit on that Olympic committee or the Jews who want to threaten London with economic blackmail if they don’t set down Livingstone.

Finally the Jewish Board of Deputies threaten Livingstone, the Mayor elected by the people of London, to being removed from office and ban him from public office for 5 years! The will of the people be damned, you cannot offend the real rulers. Get it in your head, you Gentile dolts, we do not live in Democracy. We live in a Jewocracy!

Phillips goes on, she complains that Livingstone had the stones to talk about the real reason why he was being singled out for this vicious attack.

Yet Livingstone has not merely refused to apologize but brazenly justified his attack on Finegold. Spraying ever more extravagant insults, he also rambled on about his opposition to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the massacres at Sabra and Shatila in 1982. Many have been left wondering whether he has lost his mind altogether.

Anyone who dares to talk about Jewish/Israeli crimes that were the same sort for which we went to war against Saddam Hussein — has got to be out of his mind, doesn’t he know who has the real power, he must be crazy not to submit and grovel before the almighty Jewish supremacists.

Ladies and gentlemen. The Ken Livingstone case is one more example of the incredibly powerful and at the same time insane power that rules over us. This whole affair should be laughable. But the Jewish supremacists are not laughing. Neither is Mr. Livingstone. And neither should we.

The one redeeming factor of the whole affair is that the tyrannical attempt to squash this one man cannot help but wake up many Britons and other Europeans of the chutzpah of Jewish power!

By the way, the writer of the piece I quote from is herself a Jewish supremacist. Many readers of the mainstream press never know of Melanie Phillips own Jewish supremacism. While she called Livingstone tantamount to an anti-Semite, she recently wrote an article for Jewish publication called Israel: The Defining Moral Issue in which she writes that the whole world is evil for daring to criticize Israel:

The way the world treats Israel exemplifies a global moral sickness in which truth and goodness are ignored or attacked, while lies, wickedness and their perpetrators are appeased and supported.

Yes, Israel which invades and steals other people’s lands, brutally occupies those lands, imprisons and tortures those who object, these are purveyors of truth and goodness, while their opponents are full of lies and wickedness! Those who criticize Israel are are morally sick! Of course, I should have known, and so should Ken Livingstone and so should you, and if you don’t know it, we will ruin you if you dare say anything about it.

Such is the perverted world of Jewish supremacism. But, as time goes on more and more people see the perversion, the hypocrisy, the evil of the world’s most extreme racial supremacism. Every passing day brings Europeans and the other peoples of the world closer to liberation. Truth is spreading almost at the speed of light. Take this article and with the Internet before you do your part to spread the truth! You can right now mail this article to your whole email address list or go to the internet and post this article on internet forums or go to contact emails and send it to those opinion leaders who solicit your thoughts. Take this opportunity to do your part to enlighten others. The time is now. and ….

Thanks for your Time!

David Duke