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Why Putin is Under Attack

By David Duke

Because of the ongoing escalation of anti-Russian rhetoric both by the American press and President Bush, I have undertaken a short trip to Moscow to interview Russian leaders in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the real policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin. I plan to write about this issue extensively and incorporate some of the research into my next book. Over the past few days I have met with members of the Duma, some nationalist newspaper editors, and some leaders of the Russian anti-globalist, nationalist community. I even put on my journalist cap and interviewed some of the Jewish publishers! Here is my personal analysis of the conflict that looms between the Anglo-American-Israel Axis and Putin’s Russia.

President Vladimir Putin is no perfect man. He reached his political coming of age in the shadowy intelligence services of the old Soviet Union. In that milieu he learned the highest arts of any spy; subterfuge and camouflage. But in truth, the talents of deceit are honed to a much higher degree in the American political system than in any autocratic nation. In a nation where the government has some influence over media rather than being at the mercy of the unelected, self-appointed media elite, the public official can speak somewhat frankly.

Contrarily, a politician in the United States or Britain must be careful never to speak his mind honestly or he might find himself eviscerated by media which are always on the lookout for the slightest political incorrectness.

The Anglo-American politician must be judiciously careful not to say anything that could even be remotely construed as criticizing even the lowest echelons of Jewish power. For instance, look at the huge flap in London right now over the comments of the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, to an obnoxious Jewish reporter who was hounding him. For simply retorting to the reporter that he was acting like a concentration camp guard you would have thought Livingstone to be a friend of Hitler. The Jewish Board of Deputies and a score of Jewish columnists accused him of denying the realities of Jewish suffering and trivializing the Holocaust – all for simply criticizing a single Jewish reporter. Now they threaten to actually remove this man who was elected by the overwhelming majority of Londoners because of his trivial statement.

Of course one must understand, a Jewish reporter is in effect the enforcer of political correctness. He is the policeman and inquisitor of Jewish supremacism. To criticize one of them is equated in the minds of the media to assaulting a member of the police, the thought police.

Putin has committed a far greater crime in the minds of the Jewish media. He is Russian. A real Russian. Although he came to power with back door political manipulation and with the aid of some Jewish allies, underneath he has always had a Russian soul waiting for the chance to assert itself.

So he played the game. In some ways Stalin was his model. Although Stalin fit comfortably into the Jewish milieu of the early Bolshevik revolution with his Jewish wife and many Jewish friends, Stalin was Georgian and he always knew that he could never fit in with the coterie of Jews who upon Lenin’s death circled like vultures around the Russian throne of power. Trotsky, Radek, Kamenov Sverdlov, they were all of the Hebrew cut. They never saw Stalin coming, after all, what could this one lone goy among them do to challenge them? When they finally saw the true face of this utterly ruthless man, it was too late.

The story is now legend, As the Jewish Bolsheviks fought it out ferociously among themselves for power, with Trotsky (Bronstein) as the leading contender, and since Stalin wasn’t Jewish he was the one they felt was no real threat so that they could give some reins of police power. In fact, Stalin helped them literally eliminate each other and he ultimately emerged as the strong man. The purges of the 1920s and 30s eliminated many of the Jewish cliques that dominated the Bolshevik government. Stalin was careful not to completely purge all the Jews from the government and many powerful Jews remained in very important posts, one of the most prominent being Lazar Kaganovich. But Stalin began a policy of re-Russifying the Russian government, after all, he knew the war could not be fought and won without rekindling the Russian patriotic spirit. But he always kept at hand compliant Jews so that the world-wide Jewish love affair with the Soviet State would not be severed.

Some powerful and perceptive Jews in the United States saw the sea change occurring in Russia, and a process began that has ultimately culminated in the very weird reality of former Trotskyite communists, the neocons becoming the dominators of the American conservative movement! The one thing that mitigated early overseas Jewish opposition to Stalin was that they needed Stalin and Russia if they were to overcome what they considered the greatest threat to Jewish supremacism: National Socialist Germany.

The Bolsheviks had installed the Internationale as the national anthem. Stalin replaced it with an old Russian hymn. Advancement once again became based mostly on abilities and not Jewish tribal loyalties and connections. Russians rapidly advanced and occupied the leading the positions in the military and other government structures and by the end of the war the bulk of the Jewish power, although still far greater than their population percentage, was greatly diminished. Russians were motivated by appeals to protect Mother Russia rather than international worker solidarity. However, Russia was still crippled and saddled by the inept and corrupt system of Jewish communism, and although some improvements in Russian life occurred, this Marxist, flawed economic system could never give the Russian people either real freedom or prosperity.

Most mainstream Jewish sources now claim that Stalin planned a “final solution” to the Russian Jewish problem by the resettlement of the Jews into a their own republic, much like the Czarist Pale of Settlement created in earlier centuries. The same Jewish authorities actually boast in the idea, whether real or fanciful, that Stalin’s Jewish doctors along with Lazar Kaganovich murdered Stalin on the very eve of his new pogrom. Kaganovich himself claimed to his nephew that he and his sister Rosa, a doctor, poisoned Stalin by switching Stalin’s pills with ones that would cause a stroke. (From which he died)

When the Gentile communist Nikita Khruschev accused Kaganovich in 1957 at a Soviet Party Congress of having murdered 20 million Russians during his career, Kaganovich didn’t even deny it. He only accused Khruschev of being a murderer too. “Your hands are blood-stained too,” Kaganovich told him. Khruschev pointed out that the difference was that he, Khruschev, had merely followed Kaganovich’s orders, while it had been Kaganovich who had formulated the policies of mass murder and had given the orders for carrying out those policies.

It is impossible that Vladimir Putin is not aware of all these things. Every knowledgeable Russian is aware of them. And with the fall of Communism and the new state that emerged, Jews reasserted their power as they not had since the time of Lenin and Trotsky. In the two years following the fall of the Soviet State, through international Jewish capital and massive bribery, threats, murder and gangsterism, Jews seized control of most of wealth of Russia in undoubtedly the greatest series of criminal thefts in the history of mankind.

The Jewish Oligarchs (10 of 11 of the most powerful were Jews) grabbed control of at least 65 percent of the wealth of Russia. The most politically active of the leading oligarchs was a vicious gangster and murderer named Boris Berezovsky. At one point Putin aligned with him in his quest for power. There was even an article in the Moscow Times newspaper about how Putin used to vacation in Berezovsky’s summer house in Spain.

Berezovsky had risen under Boris Yeltsin as the head of National Security for Russia. But, a firestorm of justified anger broke out in Russia against him when it was learned that Berezovsky, the head of Russian security was also a citizen of Israel.

As Putin gained more and more power in the Russian hierarchy he began to assert himself and eventually broke with Berezovsky and Gusinsky and a number of the Jewish Oligarchs. Since that time their have been thousands of sympathetic articles about Berezovsky and Gusinsky and articles about the lawlessness of Putin for daring to prosecute these men. Recently, Berezovsky’s biggest critic was gunned down on the streets of Moscow. Now this is the kind of man that the Jewish-dominated media loves!

Putin has not acted against all of the Oligarchs. He was too much of a cold war chess player to do that, but he went against any of them who tried to assert power over him, much like Stalin did decades earlier. Berezovsky and Gusinsky (the gangster Gusinsky who was head of the Russian Jewish Congress) are now Putin’s most bitter enemies. No other leader in the western world would dare to go after such powerful Jewish supremacist.

The latest case is that of Michael Khodorkovsky of Yukos Oil. Through graft and corruption Khodorkovsky obtained billions of dollars of oil leases for a pittance in the mid-nineties. But as he amassed his incredible wealth he decided he had the right to determine the political fate of Russia. In fact, he had the chutzpah to boast of that fact he will buy the Russian Duma. Putin, feeling threatened, and rightfully so, questioned why a man who stole billions of dollars from the Russian people then would have the right to corrupt government the same way as he obtained his oil leases. Khodorkovsky and almost all of the principle stockholders of Yukos are not only Jews but are in fact Israeli citizens, and many of the major stockholders (criminals) are now hiding out in Israel with the blessing of the Israeli government.

Putin and his government initiated prosecutions of these Jewish supremacist gangsters that have committed the worst thievery in history.

The reaction from the Jewish-dominated press in America and around the world is quite predictable. There has been a crescendo of criticism of Putin and universal defense of the “persecuted” Jewish oligarchs. Putin has even been accused of “anti-Semitism” for prosecuting these criminals.

Because Putin believes that the Russian people should own the press rather than citizens of Israel, he is called an enemy of a free press. Yet, how can any press be free when it is controlled by a people who view themselves more Jewish than Russian and have their own clear international agenda? And today, as Bush calls for Russia to have a free press (translated: the Jewish criminal oligarchs such as Jewish mafia leader Berezovsky should control the press) they call on Russia to pass laws and prosecute Russians who dare to simply criticize the Jewish criminal oligarchs and the their allegiances to Israel and Jewish supremacism rather than to Russia and Russians.

Bush has even had the hypocrisy to criticize Putin for consolidating Russian federal power. In America the federal government literally spends one thousand times more money on the federal government than does Russia. As shocking as that might sound for most Americans to read, it is fact. America spends about 4 trillion on government; Russia spends less than 40 billion! And Bush has the chutzpah to talk about consolidation of power in Russia!

The American government has become the epitome of everything we once opposed. Russia is not communist any more, but the American government, under the domination of the Jewish neocons (who are former communists) acts more and more like the communists have acted for decades.

Bush criticizes Putin and Russian freedom while he works to take away American constitutional freedoms with the Patriot Act.

While the political mafia that controls America kept opposition candidates such as Ralph Nader off many state ballots, Russia had over 20 different parties on the ballot in their National elections.

In America where only two parties control almost the entire political landscape and there’s hardly a dime’s worth of difference, (such as on the Iraq War) Russia is represented by many parties in their Duma with a wide range of political philosophies and opinions.

Russians of every possible political opinion have representation in the Duma (Congress) while tens of millions of Americans have no voice at all in government for their political opinions. It is precisely why the American founding fathers rebelled against Britain: taxation without representation!

And in the midst of this concerted attack on Putin and Russia, where is the opposition to the still existent, extremely dangerous, still communist nation of China? Patrick Buchanan put it very well in a recent article:

Why are McCain and Lieberman bullyragging Russia but not China? After all, Putin was elected, but Hu Jintao was not. Russia has an elected legislature with opposition parties. China has never held a free election. The Russian people have freedom of religion. China persecutes Christians. Russia threatens no U.S. ally. China threatens Taiwan. In a recent issue of Parade, a list was drawn up of the world’s 10 worst dictators based on their human rights violations. Hu Jintao was fourth from the top. Putin was not even mentioned.

There is only one reason for the attacks upon Putin and Russia. Putin and the Russian people dare to defend themselves from the powers of Jewish supremacism. The oligarchs and the Zionists want total supremacy over the Russian nation, and that’s why they have made Putin a target. Their puppet George Bush, just as in the Iraq war, is happy to serve these masters of the American political landscape. It is not just leaders of AIPAC that are being investigated for spying who should wear the yellow coat of treason, George Bush has surrendered his presidency completely to this foreign power and shames every real American who has pride in our country.

The truth is that Putin in attempting to defend Russia from the power of the Jewish supremacists – is in effect, defending all Americans, and all people everywhere who cherish their freedom and heritage. He is Russian rather than American, but his heritage is far closer to the American people and our interests than the Jewish supremacist misanthropists.

The biggest roadblock to the New World Order and a sublimation of America and Europe to Jewish-supremacist globalism is Vladimir Putin .

As important a figure Putin is for every freedom-loving Russian, he is just as important to those who love freedom in the United States of America, in Britain and all over the European world.