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Trump’s Syria blunder won’t necessarily end civilization — National Bugle Radio

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — Like a lot of other people, I am really disgusted with this attack on the Syrian government air force base. I know a lot of like-minded people are ready to wash their hands of Trump once and for all. And of course, the disgust is compounded by the praise of Trump in the Zionist media. Trump has to know that their is no money to Make America Great Again if we keep fighting wars for Israel. And this is a war for Israel. Even the Zionist Jewish talk show host Michael Savage acknowledged this.

I think Donald Trump knows there is no evidence proving this was a gas attack by the Syrian government. I don’t think his response was out of some sort of conviction that the baby in the oxygen mask must be avenged. Rather, I think he feels his back is to the wall and his is facing impeachment, and he is buying himself some breathing room by attacking Syria. I could be wrong, and even if I am right it doesn’t make it a right decision. But as disgusted as I am, this crisis has only just begun, and we don’t know where it is going. It could lead to World War III and an end to civilization. But that is not the only scenario. We need a Hollywood script writer to see how this movie may turn out.