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Trump Great State of Union Speech Pros and Cons & The Real Unspoken Critical Issues!

Trump Great State of Union Speech Pros and Cons & The Real Unspoken Critical Issues!


Today Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery broke down President Trump’s State of the Union speech, analyzing what he did say and reading between the lines for what he really means. They agree that he looked presidential and gave what was overall a good address. It was of particular note that, while addressing the immigration issue, he said that native born Americans can “be dreamers too” in that they have a right to their own American Dream. He thus emphasized that America first also means Americans first.

US President Donald Trump listens to applause before giving the State of the Union address at the Capitol in Washington. Vice President Pence and outgoing House Speaker Eddie Munster clap from the podium. Munster has all but conceded his Congressional seat to American First champion Paul Nehlen.

Of course, the speech was not without it’s downside. The bluffing and brinkmanship around his immigration proposal involves buying into the idea that amnesty for the “dreamers” is an issue of morality, even if his ultimate goal is to use them as a bargaining chip to revoke the 1965 immigration act. Also, he was unnecessarily belligerent towards North Korea, and his declaration of an open-ended commitment to the 16-year-old Afghan War is a mistake. Dr. Slattery pointed out that these negative aspects of Trump’s foreign policy are a direct result of the Russia Hoax investigation hijacking his foreign policy by preventing a detente with President Putin and ousting General Flynn as his National Security Advisor.

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