Jewish Supremacism

Tribute to Jim Traficant and his Opposition to Jewish Supremacism

Dr. David Duke notes with sadness the tragic passing of former Ohio Congressman Jim Anthony Traficant Jr. He sends his sincerest condolences to Jim’s family and friends.


At one stage in their respective careers, Dr. Duke and former Congressman Traficant dueled in a friendly fashion for the Populist Party’s 1988 nomination for President. Dr. Duke won, but he and Congressman Traficant always remained on friendly terms.

Jim Traficant served nearly 18 years in Congress, and earned the everlasting hatred—and suffered a string of smears, attacks and slander—from the Jewish lobby for daring to speak out against their control of the US Government and its institutions.

Below is just one of Jim Traficant’s famous public appearances, where he minced no words on the threat posed to America and the world by the Jewish Lobby.

A great American has passed away, and all true patriots will honor his memory.