Three Days After Election Ziobama Shows His True Colors! Blocks Palestinian State!

Dr. David Duke Commentary — I had the disagreeable task of criticizing some good conservative friends before the election by pointing out that Romney and Obama were essentially two sides of the same coin in the Ziocracy that rules over us.

Now I must take down some of my well-meaning liberal friends who urged their friends to vote for Obama because he is “So much better than the Republican Romney.”


In fact, in regard to ZioAmerica’s insane wars for Israel and against against the true interests of the American people, Obama may be much worse.


Because the Nobel Peace Prize winning, transracial President affords the appearance of a man much more dedicated to peace and fairness than did Romney. The Ziomedia has promoted the blatant lie that Obama was anti-Israel.

Total BS!

In fact, as the Ziowned Chicago Tribune headlined, “Obama: the First Jewish President!”

So, Obama has much more ability to advance the interests and evils of the Zionists than does a man perceived as a more hardcore Zionist, Romney. He is in a much better position to enlist support for a catastrophic, criminal war crime attack upon Iran for nuclear crimes that Iran is innocent of, but Israel is surely guilty of. He is in a much better position to betray Palestinians.

One of Ziobama’s first acts after his victory at the polls was to unilaterally put more draconian sanctions on Iran. His second act was to instruct the American Zio delegation to the United Nations to block even a minor Palestinian move to statehood. The Palestinians were simply asking for observer status.

Not only does ZioObama block the right of Palestinians to have their own state as the ethnic cleansing, terrorist Israel has had for 64 years, they are not allowed to even be observers at the UN!

You see the in Zioglobalist world, the only people ultimately who will be allowed to maintain their heritage and integrity and interests as people on earth will be the Zionist tribalist rulers of the International banks, media and entertainment and Governments.

The fact that Palestinians after all these decades are occupied and stateless, not even allowed to have a Palestinian Passport, is actually what they have planned for the entire  Earth under a globalist hegemony. No people will have any real rights other than the Ziorulers!

You see Globalism is not international cooperation, peace and mutual respect. It is war, regimentation, and tyranny. It is actually form of Zionist economic, political and media imperialism over all of us.

Obama’s spokespersons in the UN also praised the Israeli  terrorist attack on the huge concentration camp called Gaza. Ziobama instructs our diplomats at the UN to praise the Ziomurderers and condemn the Palestinian victims!

I have a dream that someday all the peoples of their world, in their own sovereignty and freedom will stand together against the threat to Europeans, Asians, Africans and all peoples on earth: Zionist Imperialism, commonly called Globalism.