The Truth About the Bloody Zionist Terrorism against the People of Gaza!

Commentary by Dr. David Duke

The controlled Zionist media of the Western World is a cacophony of Zio voices blaming the innocent victims of Gaza for the Zio terrorism and mass murder being inflicted upon them.

It is vital to cut through this fog of Zio propaganda.

There is a reason that the Zio controlled American government has been able to remove Press TV from Iran from the satellite channels of much of Europe and the World. Yesterday it was announced that one of the largest Satellite Networks in Asia, Asia Net under American (Jewish) pressure has blacked out Press TV.


It is because the Western Media is actually nothing by a Ziomedia whose Zio owners and officers as well as Gentile collaborators, cannot afford even a single network that offers free speech and alternative speech on the horrific crimes of Israel. They the people of the world to hear no counter ore contradiction  to the lies of their Ziomedia.

Although ZioAmerica touts free speech it demands that Americans and Europeans and even Asians, Africans and South Americans cannot hear a professional dissident network with reporters and journalists all over the world. It not just suppression of Press TV, it is suppression of you to hear a viewpoint the Zionists don’t want you to hear.

I still have a voice and I will tell you some facts that you must hear!

Here are the facts of GAZA the Ziomedia purposely leaves out.

The Ziomedia headlines that Israel is attacking civilian areas of Gaza in retaliation to rocket attacks from Hamas.

Here is the suppressed truth!

Israel has for decades attacked, murdered, terrorized, ethnically cleansed the people of Palestine. Jewish supremacists invaded Palestine in massive numbers against the will the inhabitants, waged a terrorist war first against the British and then against the Palestinian people themselves.

Zionists supported by the organized Jewish community all over the world committed horrific mass murders against the Palestinian people, terrorized them, drove them out of their villages, towns, cities, and then blocked their return to the places of their birth. They stole an entire land and essentially everything in it!

The Palestinian people who resisted this Jewish terror were murdered along with tens of thousands of civilians. The Palestinian patriots who resisted and opposed this Zionist terror and crimes against Humanity were tortured by the tens of thousands. At least 100,000 were seized by the Zionist terrorists and tortured in Israeli dungeons.  Even the ZioNYTimes casually admits that fact. (see my book Jewish Supremacism)

The people of Gaza and the West Bank are overwhelmingly, Palestinian refugees from Zionist terror.

The West Bank is still occupied and Palestinians to this day cannot even ride on many roads in the West Bank. Gaza is a tiny enclave that is nothing but a walled off concentration camp that is little more than huge prison.

Israel controls alls entrance and exit from this besieged enclave. It controls all trade and bans many necessities for life and for business and commercial viability. It even confiscates many goods, and heavily taxes all the remaining goods for Gaza that are actually forced to go through Israel.

Every day of every year Israel strangles the people of Gaza.

Israel has illegal and horrific weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear and chemical weapons. It has used horrific weapons such as White Phosphorus against the civilians of Gaza, It has attack Jets, helicopters, tanks, drones missiles and the like it has used against the civilians there, while Gaza is not even allowed to have an army!

Israel murdered over 1400 men, women and children in the last attacks called operation Cast Lead on Gaza. Half of the dead were women and children. Thousands more were wounded and maimed, including thousands of children suffering loss of limbs or eyesight, or horrific burns and scars they will endure for their entire lifetime.

And all the Zio media headlines simply say, Israel retaliates against rockets fired from Gaza.

When in fact, the rockets were meager, pathetic retaliation of men and women in Gaza who have suffered endless murder, maiming, torture, theft, and suppression from the Zionist terrorists for over sixty years, and who still suffer in many ways a living hell from the anti-human Jewish extremists.

Did Palestinians invade Jewish lands and murder and terrorize Jews?

You know the answer to that, and no fancy expert on CNN or Fox News or the BBC will dare even to mention who is the real terrorists are. How Israel is the world’s most murderous terrorist state.

Ninety-nine percent Ziobrainwashed Americans don’t even know that Israel has committed terrorism against America, and that Israel had to admit the terrorism (Lavon Affair) and that Israel not long ago gave medals to the Zionist Jews who blew up American facilities in terror attacks to get America into war with a nation completely innocent of those Jewish attacks!

The facts are plain to anyone with an ounce of reason, and a single speck of human sympathy to see.

Although I reject any violence that can harm the innocent no matter the motivation, including Jewish women and children, where is the balance here.

Why do point of the evil of the harming of a handful innocent Israelis in retaliation for clear, massive crimes of Israel and then defend actions that make hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians suffer?

Why the silence of one of the greatest human rights crimes against a specific people in human history, the invasion, terrorizing, theft and ethnic cleansing of a whole nation of people?

The answer of course is Zioglobalist power and influence over media, government and international finance. A Zio Matrix of power that has suppressed and terrorized the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people the Iraqi people, the Afghanistan  people, the Libyan people,  and now the Syrian people and the Iranian people.

And other people have also suffered, who are they? The answer may surprise you!

The American people have suffered. The European people have suffered.

American’s hard earned money is stolen in these Ziowars and in sending it off to Israel for their weapons of terror and mass destruction.

American sons and daughters have been killed by the thousands, maimed and harmed by the hundreds of thousands in these wars for Israel and against the true interests of the American people.

And of course millions of innocent people have been murdered in these ziowars and policies and sanctions, mostly completely innocent women and children who have suffered in the zio embargoes and sanctions, and zio initiated wars and bombings and invasions.

Every real American should stand with the people of Gaza, not just for them but for the morality that we must embrace, for our own spirit and soul and freedoms!

Every real American must oppose the Zioglobalists who have seized control of the American media, government and finance and who ead our nation to destruction.

Every freedom loving person on Earth should stand with the people of Gaza!

The Zionists are not only destroying Palestinian freedom and life and liberty, they are destroying freedom and life and liberty in America and across the globe with their zioglobalism.

This American stands with Gaza for justice, freedom and for peace.

There will be no peace until the Zionist regime over Palestine and over the media and governments of the West is deposed.