Thousands of Parisians take to the Streets to Oppose Zionist Supremacism

In yet another indication of a growing world-wide response to Zionist  Supremacist racism and extremism, a crowd estimated up to 120,000 took to the streets of Paris over the past weekend, demanding an end to Jewish Supremacist control over France and Europe.

Chanting slogans such as “Jews, LICRA, we don’t want you!” (LICRA is a Jewish French organization similar to the ADL) and “Jews, out of France”, the AFP reported that several thousand people marched through Paris in a “Day of Anger” against Hollande.

The protest was huge, but the globalist media tried to downplay it greatly writing, “Organizers claimed a turnout of some 120,000 people, however police estimated there were 17,000 people at the protest, reported AFP.

“Some called for France’s withdrawal from the European Union, while others urged the respect of freedom of speech, a reference to the government’s recent decision to ban [comedian] Dieudonne’s show.”

While we here at DavidDuke.com do not support the idea that every Jew is a racist, supreacist—and thus do not associate ourselves with the slogans which appear to blame all Jews—the latest demonstrations are an indication of the growing anger among Gentiles of all persuasions about the hypocritical actions of organized Jewry to control the media, finance and government France, every nation in the EU, and in of course America and the rest of the Western world.

Well-known anti-Zionist campaigner Gilad Atzon, commented on the Paris rally as follows:

Seemingly, Jewish organisations around the world are scared by the recent developments in France. Once again, they clearly failed to appreciate the growing mass fatigue of Shoah indoctrination and belligerent lobby politics. However, I would contend that instead of whining about the “rise of anti-Semitism”, Jews better, once and for all, learn to ask why?  Why the Jews again? Why are they hated? What is it in Jewish politics that evokes so much resentment? Why does it happen time after time?

It wasn’t easy for me to admit in my latest book that Jewish suffering is actually embedded in Jewish culture. In other words, Jews are actually destined to bring disasters on themselves. Jewish politics and culture, unfortunately, is obnoxious, abusive, as well as racist, and supremacist to the bone. Jewish culture is set to infuriate the Goyim just because Jews are defined by negation – that chilling sensation of being hated.

Many Jews around the world are commemorating the Holocaust this week. But if I am correct, maybe the time is ripe for Jewish and Zionist organisations to draw the real and most important lesson from the Holocaust. Instead of constantly blaming the Goyim for inflicting pain on Jews, it is time for Jews to look in the mirror and try to identify what it is in Jews and their culture that evokes so much fury. It may even be possible that some Jews would take this opportunity to apologize to the Gentiles around them for evoking all this anger.