Jewish Supremacism

The power of Jewish money and the global attack on Europeans

Dr, Duke had another riveting show today. He started off by putting the accusations of “white racism” in historical context, showing that there was nothing new or unique about European attitudes or behavior during the period of European ascendency. To the contrary, Europeans actually took the historic measures of outlawing age-old practices like slavery and territorial conquest as they played the leading role in ushering in a new global morality. However, today Europeans are uniquely subjected to institutionalized hate from Hollywood and legal discrimination from Zio-sponsored affirmative action policies, as well as having all their territories overrun with massive immigration, a phenomenon not seen in the rest of the globe.


Then he brings on Dr. Slattery who discusses two new articles from Jewish news outlets about the Jewish campaign financiers of six Republican presidential hopefuls. One article lists the candidates, their major Jewish donors, their policy towards Israel, and — get this — their position on immigration! This betrays the historic Jewish role in promoting open borders. In the second article, Lindsey Graham said that he has so much pro-Israel funding that he will have to appoint an “all-Jewish Cabinet.” This joke has some Jewish journalists concerned that it might get non-Jews talking about the power of Jewish money to buy Jewish government posts and policies favored by Jews.

Circulate this show to all your friends and relatives. Let’s get non-Jews talking about the power of Jewish money!

Click here and look for the show dated 4-21-15.

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