The Canonization of Susan Sontag

Left: the deification of Susan Sontag

The Canonization of Susan Sontag
commentary by David Duke

Susan Sontag is best known for her statement that “The white race is the cancer of history.” In life, the media establishment never condemned her for that racist, hateful statement. She was, in fact, one of those larger than life darlings of the media who received positive prime time coverage too many times to count.

Now that she has passed on, you can be sure that her sainthood will not be one bit diminished by that hateful statement. In fact, she is at this moment being praised by many in the media for having the “courage” to make such a “daring, outspoken utterance.” Her canonization has commenced and be ready to wade though the cascading media praises.

In reality, the “against all war” writer turned out to be in favor of war when it suited the cause of globalism against pesky nationalism. The New York Times Magazine published Susan Sontag’s, “Why Kosovo Is Not That Complicated.”

The writer who labelled the white race as the cancer of history had decided a little chemotherapy in the form of bombs dropped by B-52s was the humanitarian thing to do. Was this not the same writer who decried the bombings of Vietnamese in the 60s?

Sontag’s son, (Jewish supremacism definitely runs in the family), David Rieff, was the guest of honor at an editorial meeting of the nominally socialist magazine Dissent.

Rieff said things like, “I know most of you probably won’t agree. I’m not coming from a left perspective. I have a different analysis of how power works.” He said “I’m in favor of more bombing. I don’t think they’re doing enough.” He loved the idea of American ground troops in Serbia he said, “I would be in the lead vehicle!”

In truth, Susan Sontag was one of those so-called human rights activists who incongruously also happen to be Jewish supremacists and haters of European mankind, Palestinian or Arab resistance, or anybody who gets in the way of Jewish supremacy. Oh, you know the type, like Alan Dershowitz the “civil rights activist” who supports Apartheid Israel and is now on record for advocating torture of suspects in the United States.

A person who never passed up the chance to put down White people, Sontag, born Rosenblatt, was also careful to never speak against the unspeakable atrocities of her brethren in Israel against the hapless Palestinians. After all, the mass deportation, murder, destruction and torture were done against Jewish enemies, not against Jews, so that makes all okay, maybe even commendable. In 2001 she was awarded the Jerusalem Prize by her fellow supremacists in Israel.

In the coming days, as you see the praises of Susan Sontag coming at you full bore in print and broadcast media, you might ask yourself what treatment she would be getting at the hands of the media if she had said that “The Jewish people are the cancer of history.” I don’t think she would have won any Jerusalem Prizes, and far from being made a saint, she would have long ago been made a devil.

Those of you reading this who want to know who really runs the establishment in America, consider the hypocritical canonization of Susan Sontag.