Ruckus Over Jewish Ritual Animal Slaughter

Orthodox Rabbis Defend Practices Shown in Video — Call criticism of Slaughter methods an anti-Semitic canard

After release of a shocking video showing Jewish ritual slaughter of cattle, the Jewish Telegraph Agency quotes officials with the Jewish Orthodox Union as defending the kosher cattle slaughtering process at one of the largest producers, a company called Agriprocessors.

For over 100 years there have been European organizations and individuals complaining about Jewish ritual animal slaughter that they say constitutes a horrendous and unnecessary cruelty to animals.

In more recent history, in the wake of the mounting Jewish supremacy over the media, few have dared to speak out for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. Recently PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took some secret videos at the largest kosher processing plant in the United States. Although PETA becomes involved in many nonsensical issues, the idea of lessening cruelty to animals wherever possible is a worthy principle that most Europeans have embraced for centuries. The difficulty is that Jewish ritual practices have been exempted from certain laws against cruelty as an issue of “religious freedom.”

No nations have more stringent animal cruelty laws and enforce them more rigorously than European-American nations. The European-American founded SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has been the world’s leading organization against animal cruelty.

After the release of the video, some Jews have spoken out against the practices but they still are the rule in Kosher processing facilities all over the world. A number of Jews directly involved with the practices have defended them even though the recent video released by PETA shows a cruelty to animals beyond the bounds of a civilized nation.

In the video released on the PETA website, it shows fully conscious cattle being turned upside down, and then having their throat slit and their trachea ripped out. The cattle, still very much alive, are then dumped on a blood covered floor while they thrash about in horrendous agony. Some of them even try to stand up, blood spewing from their almost severed heads. The video shows that the cattle suffer for a lengthy period rather than having a quicker, more humane death. Here are a couple of quotations from the JTA on the affair:

>(JTA) – Rabbis defend kosher slaughter

A group of Orthodox rabbis defended Jewish ritual slaughter after a video released by an animal-rights group created an uproar. The 12 rabbis, many of them involved in kosher supervision, said the practice “has been established over centuries to be the most humane form of animal slaughter.” They said the video made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals at a kosher slaughtering plant in Postville, Iowa, “may lead to misconceptions about the practices depicted on the videotape,” arguing that none of the slaughtering practices seen on the video contravene either U.S. or Jewish law. The Orthodox Union said this week it would institute changes at the plant after the video was released.

And some more recent JTA quotes:

Some Orthodox officials called PETA’s campaign an attack on shechitah more generally and part of a history of anti-Semitic canards.

“Shechitah often comes under attack by elements that are unsavory, and in general PETA is not an organization that commands our great respect,? said Rabbi Avi Shafran, a spokesman for Agudath Israel of America, a fervently Orthodox organization.

He and others noted that the Nazis publicized photographs of Jews performing cruel slaughter practices as part of their campaign to inflame sentiment against Jews.

“We’ll put them on the wall with Hitler,? Nathan Erwin, an Orthodox Jew and a lawyer for Agriprocessors, said, referring to PETA. He added: “The PETA folks might not like eggs, but they have eggs all over their face.? (JTA)

It is good to know that criticizing this horrendously cruel treatment of the cattle shown in the video is simply Nazism and Hitlerism. Jewish extremists have always labeled as anti-Semites and Nazis all those who offer legitimate criticism of Jewish actions, whether they are critical of Jewish supremacism or Jewish animal slaughter. As far as the O.U. complaining that objection to Jewish ritual slaughter is “inflaming sentiment against Jews,” they should know that it is not the objections to them, but the horrendous Jewish practices themselves which inflame sentiment against Jews.

Here is the link for the video in question. I would caution you that you will see some of the most brutal and cruel footage imaginable. It is not suitable viewing for children. –David Duke

Jewish Ritual Animal Slaugther at America’s largest Kosher Processing Facility