Stalin's Willing Executioners

By Kevin MacDonald. Dr. Duke’s commentary: Read the following review of the The Jewish Century by Jewish writer Yuri Slezkine. As Dr. Kevin MacDonald points out, this well received book confirms exactly what I have repeatedly written, that the Bolshevik Revolution and early Soviet Union had inordinate Jewish influence, and that Jews were prominent in the mass murder and imprisonment of Christians. in fact, Slezkine himself even uses the phrase that the Jews were “Stalin’s willing executioners.” From Dr. MacDonald’s essay:

During the 1930s, Slezkine reports, the secret police, now known as the NKVD, “was one of the most Jewish of all Soviet institutions”, with 42 of the 111 top officials being Jewish. At this time 12 of the 20 NKVD directorates were headed by ethnic Jews, including those in charge of State Security, Police, Labor Camps, and Resettlement (deportation).

The Gulag was headed by ethnic Jews from its beginning in 1930 until the end of 1938, a period that encompasses the worst excesses of the Great Terror.

They were, in Slezkine’s remarkable phrase, “Stalin’s willing executioners”.

Once more, evidence is clear that Jewish Bolsheviks were the guilty of a holocaust of mass murder that was far worse than alleged of the German National Socialists. Where are the monuments, documentaries, memorials, trials, etc.? Answer, the Jewish suffering is highlighted rather than Christian suffering because the Holocaust story is the moral foundation of Apartheid Israel and the ultimate defense of the Jewish supremacists from legitimate criticism. –Dr. David Duke

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“Stalins Willing Executioners”? A review of The Jewish Century

Yuri Slezkine’s book The Jewish Century, which appeared last year to rapturous reviews, is an intellectual tour de force, alternately muddled and brilliant, courageous and apologetic. Slezkine’s greatest accomplishment is to set the historical record straight on the importance of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath. He summarizes previously available data and extends our understanding of the Jewish role in revolutionary movements before 1917 and of Soviet society thereafter. His book provides a fascinating chronicle of the Jewish rise to elite status in all areas of Soviet society—culture, the universities, professional occupations, the media, and government. Indeed, the book is also probably the best, most up-to-date account of Jewish economic and cultural pre-eminence in Europe (and America) that we have.

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