Neocon Treason Against America to Support the Iraq War for Israel

Lewis Libby, the smirking, sinister face of the real rulers of America, the Jewish supremacist Neocons who lead Americans to slaughter in Iraq for the foreign nation where their true loyalty lies: Israel!

Here is an excerpt from a recent Fox News Article illustrating the vicious anti-American actions of the Neocons. It is one more damning piece of evidence showing the treason of the Jewish supremacist Neocons who have hijacked the foreign policy of the United States. Men such as Lewis Libby are willing to damage U.S. Security in order to support the lies they used to launch the Iraq War for Israel. It must begin to dawn on all but the most brain dead patriots that America is being grievously harmed in this Iraq War for Israel, that our sons are daughters are being needlessly slaughtered and maimed because of Neocon lies, that this war is deeply harming America, our brave troops, our economy, and our true interests. This war has only emboldened and brought increased support for the terrorists around the world who want to harm America. In fact, the war itself with its horrendous toll of American and Iraqi suffering and death has already harmed America far more than the 911 Attacks! Are the 2,000 dead no less precious to us than those who perished in the WTC? Are upwards of 20,000 disfigured and maimed young Americans not an enormous national tragedy?

Those brave souls who have been killed and maimed in Iraq constitute a 911 that will haunt their families for years to come. And why are Americans being maimed and slaughtered? Only because of the Jewish Neocon Lies and the lies of the Jewish dominated media! Only because of the Gentile politicians who sold out their nation to their influence and power! Even a school child now knows America was never in slightest danger from Iraq. But this war for a lie has put hundreds of thousands of our best and bravest in danger! It is President Bush and those who have surrendered our government policy to Jewish Neocons such as Libby, Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Wurmser, Crystal, Chertoff, who are the ones who have have endangered America. It is they who have ultimately inflicted this terrible toll on our brave young men and women and upon their families. I urge truly patriotic Americans to demand once an for all in a loud, clear voice: NO MORE WAR FOR ISRAEL!— Dr. David Duke

Wilson: U.S. Security Put at Risk in CIA Leak
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
By Melissa Drosjack
WASHINGTON — The nation’s security was put at risk when the secret identity of a covert CIA officer’s name was leaked to the press in a “tawdry political hit job,” former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson ( search) said Monday.

“I believe that as Americans, we should all be appalled by this behavior from the senior reaches of this administration,” Wilson said at the National Press Club.

Wilson was referring to the outing of his wife, Valerie Plame Wilson ( search), the CIA operative whose identity was revealed in a syndicated column by Robert Novak more than two years ago.

Wilson, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, said the leak not only compromised the nation’s security, but also his family’s safety. While confirming but not elaborating on any threats, Wilson said his family has changed phone numbers and has increased personal security in part with the assistance of law enforcement authorities.

“It’s hard for us to frankly, right now, to think about what we’re going to have for dinner much less where we’re going to be in two or three months,” Wilson said of the changes since his wife was outed. He added that Plame Wilson continues to work for the CIA, but cannot go undercover as she is at risk because her identity is no longer secret.