(Reprint) CNN Jews call for Trump to drop out of the race
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(Reprint) CNN Jews call for Trump to drop out of the race

Precommentary by Dr. Patrick SlatteryThis article originally posted on October 8 was used as the basis for a massive attack on Dr. Duke last night by the “moderator” of the debate, who objected to the “repeated use” of the term “CNN Jews.” Actually, the term was used once in the headline and once in the body of the article. Granted, in our format the headline is usually repeated at the top of the body of the article so that it will be included on the Facebook feed. Anyway, I think it was an outstanding article and I challenge anyone to dispute its substance.


CNN Jews call for Trump to drop out of the race

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — Here we are speeding along at breakneck speed in this handbasket, and all the Jew media is talking about is an 11-year-old private conversation Trump had with another celebrity about the perks of being able to kiss beautiful women.

With everything at stake in terms of war with Russia, replacement-level immigration, and capitulation to black criminality, anyone who cares about Trump’s kissy grabby comments is brain dead and needs to be shamed as a cuckold traitor. Especially when Hillary’s own past is so sordid and evil. Take a look at this 11-second video clip:



“We came, we saw, he died.” You probably saw it before. Pretty sick, you will agree. Especially the cackling at the end. But look at this next video. The first 60 seconds is the chaotic scene of Gaddafi’s last minutes on earth. Then Clinton gets the initial unconfirmed report from none other than Huma Abedin.


Just what Hillary was looking at on Huma’s iPhone is hard to say. But Gaddafi’s death was not just a swift bullet to the head. He was stripped and brutalized. As the next video makes clear, he was also sodomized with a steel rod. But none of this bothered Hillary.


This is as sick as it gets. But the three CNN Jews pictured below, Wolf Blitzer, David Chalian, and Dana Bash, all want you to think that what makes a man unqualified to be president is talking in a private setting about coming on to women. (Pop quiz: In a country that is 2% Jewish, what are the odds that all three people on your TV screen would “just happen to be Jewish?” Answer: One in 125,000.)

Trump was not forcing himself on them, mind you, like Bill Clinton was famous for. In fact, the context of the conversation in question was about how he took a woman furniture shopping but was unable to score. He didn’t rape her, like Bill Clinton, he simply lamented that she turned him down.


But look at the caption on this screen shot. “Growing calls within GOP to drop Trump from the ticket.” Like this is the worst thing that ever happened!

By the way, that same Huma Abedin who showed Hillary the news about Gaddafi first started working for Hillary as a White House intern in 1996 when she was just 20 years old. She has worked for her ever since. She has been involved in all sorts of scandals with Hillary, most famously Bengazi, but also frequently shares hotel rooms. It is pretty much an open secret that they are lesbian lovers. Although I suppose it is plausible that Huma needs to stay with Hillary to make sure she doesn’t suddenly drop dead.

So how appropriate was it for Hillary, 29 years Huma’s senior, to be exploiting her power over a young intern?

But the Jews want us to believe it would be better to go to war with Russia or be victimize by rampant Black Lives Matter crime and terrorism or be ethnically cleansed by massive immigration than be led by a man with a strong sex drive that is, by any measure, in much better control than Bill Clinton’s ever was.