“Single Loyalty” In Action Once Again: US Congressman Moves to Israel

israel-usIn yet another example of the open “single loyalty” which Jewish Supremacists have—to Israel above all—a former US Congressman from Florida has become the first US lawmaker to openly move to and live in Israel.

US Rep. Peter Deutsch has lived in Israel eve since 2004, after he resigned his congressional seat after serving 22 years in the US government, first as a state legislator and then in Congress.

Jewish Supremacists always deny that their tribe has any “dual loyalties” towards their “host” nations and Israel—and in one ironic sense, they are correct. There is no “dual loyalty,” merely a single loyalty—to Israel and their fellow Jews.

According to an article in the Times of Israel, Deutsch’s 22-year-old son recently completed a stint as a combat soldier in the Israeli army, and his 21-year-old daughter is studying at an Orthodox women’s seminary.

“Deutsch’s move is more than just atypical; it’s unprecedented. He is the only member of Congress ever to have moved to Israel, and he may be the only living ex-congressman who is an expatriate,” the Times of Israel continued.

His income comes from investments and he still sits on the board of the Illinois-based Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation, a publicly traded firm.

“I still clearly live in two worlds,” Deutsch is quoted as saying by the Times of Israel. “I feel very much at home in both places.”

His Jewish awakening came later, and by the time he was elected to Congress at age 35, he was fully Orthodox, the newspaper explained.

Typical to form, Deutsch also revealed the usual Jewish Supremacist attitudes towards gentiles, implying that Jews should “feel bad” about marrying non-Jews.

“Do they feel bad about marrying a gentile? It’s irrelevant,” Deutsch said. “They’re not in their minds going away from Judaism, rejecting their parents, struggling to become part of the mainstream society — they’re not thinking about that. It’s a non-event. In a sense, that is the American Jewish story today.”

Deutsch is heavily involved with the Ben Gamla charter schools in America—a publiclyl funded school network which has a “Jewish flavor.”

According to the Times of Israel, Deutsh’s involvement in the Ben Gaml schools stems from his desire to “give Jewish kids who otherwise would attend public school an opportunity to be in a Jewish environment and develop a Jewish identity — at taxpayer expense.

“Deutsch is unabashed about using public money to support what he describes as Jewish identity-building. Out of Ben Gamla’s collective budget of $10 million a year, Deutsch says 80 percent serves Jewish communal purposes.

There is no other people on earth who could claim such an obvious alliance with a foreign nation, and still take full advantage of another host nation’s resources and infrastructure in this manner.

Imagine, for example, what the uproar would be if an Iranian-origin US Congressman had to be so openly devoted to the cause of Iran, and use his status in America to get publicly-funded schools to “promote Iranian identity.”  It just would not happen.

Only a tribe with a single identity, operating at a level designed to deceive others, would adopt such a strategy.