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Video: Who Taught America to Use Torture? Its Jewish and Bolshevik Origin.

Another Duke video that illustrates the revelations of Dr. Duke’s new book, The Secret Behind Communism. The use of waterboarding, indefinite detention without trial, secret foreign prisons to get around restrictions on the use of “cruel and illegal punishments” and the US Constitution are all things which are repulsive and foreign to all decent Americans—yet all of these outrages have been committed in our name. Why and how did this happen?

In the video below, Dr. David Duke shows exactly who “taught” America to use torture and other human rights violations. He shows, with clear logic and conclusive evidence, that America is following the lead of Israel and Jewish originators of the Red Terror in American policy!

This powerful Video shows how the torture and genocide of Zionism is related to the torture and genocide of the Jewish tribalists in their domination of the Soviet Regime as illustrated in Dr. Duke’s new book, The Secret Behind Communism.