Russian Parliamentarians and Leaders Seek Ban of Jewish Radical Organizations

 Russian Drawing of the mass murderer Leon Trotsky (a.k.a. Lev Bronstein)

Hundreds sign letter warning of very real dangers posed by organized Jewry.

Taking a page out of the book of tactics of Jewish supremacist organizations, patriotic groups in Russia have demanded that the Russian government ban supremacist Jewish groups in Russia just as Jewish groups have successfully had anti-Zionist groups banned in Western countries.

About 20 members of the State Duma have approached the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to “ban all Jewish organizations” because, the MPs claim, they are “extremist.” The group published an open letter to the Prosecutor General in Rus Pravoslavnaya newspaper.

The MPs (representing the Communist faction, the nationalist Motherland party, and the Liberal Democrats) and about 500 other people, mostly journalists and editors of nationalist newspapers, called Jewish organizations “anti-Christian and inhumane, which practices extend even to ritual murders.”

“Many facts of such religious extremism were proven in courts,” the letter read.

The authors wrote that many anti-Semitic acts in Russia had been caused by the “anti-Christian” behavior of Jews or even committed by Jews themselves as grounds to “take punitive measures against patriots.”

The group blames organized Jewry for xenophobia, “illegal appropriation of state property” after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Jewish influence on the country’s life has damaged the interests of all other Russia’s nations including Russian people, the letter claimed.

The authors stated that it was the Jews who were against teaching Orthodox culture in Russian schools and supported the abolition of the practice of identifying nationality in passports.

They also wrote that “the whole democratic world today is under the financial and political control of international Jewry. And we do not want our Russia to be among such unfree countries.”

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