Jewish Attacks on Russian Parliamentarians Reveal Their Own Hypocrisies

 Photo: David Duke with Alexandr Dugin, one of the leading intellectuals of Russia’s patriotic movement

Jewish Attacks on Russian Parliamentarians Reveal Their Own Hypocrisies
By Vladimir Romanov in Moscow

Jewish organizations in the United States and all over the world are going ballistic over the 500 Russian intellectuals, journalists and publishers who protested Jewish supremacist power in Russia and around the world.

In fact, the article signed by the 500 intellectual leaders of Russia was a convincing study of Jewish racism, intolerance, supremacism and suppression. One of the leading Jewish supremacist-controlled publications in Russia is called MosNews. If one studies the wording of the news article it reveals the hypocrisy that exists between what these Jews say they oppose and what they themselves actually propose. In the article they suggest the nationalist paper was an attempt in part to defend a close associate of David Duke who has been at the pinnacle of Russian politics.

Here is an excerpt:

The secretary of the Russian Journalists’ Union, Mikhail Fedotov, predicted that the letter could backfire. In a statement to Newsru.com, he speculated that the document could have been yet another attempt to defend Boris Mironov, a former Press Minister and ultra-nationalist who is currently wanted by Russian authorities on charges of inciting inter-racial hatred. In that case, Fedotov said, “since these people address the public, they themselves risk violating the law on inciting inter-racial hatred.”

He also added that the letter would force Putin to once again attempt to deny the widespread problem of anti-Semitism in Russia.
Alexander Brod, who directs the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, called the attempts to ban Jewish organizations “absurd, since all Jewish organizations are registered with the Ministry of Justice and it’s very naive to expect the Prosecutor General to ban them.” In his statement to Newsru.com, Brod also mentioned Mironov’s anti-Semitic propaganda.

In this quote they are referring to a famous Russian writer and leader named Boris Mironov. Mironov was former Press Secretary of Boris Yeltsin. He courageously resigned when he saw a handful of Jewish oligarchs being permitted to steal the bulk of the wealth of Russia.

Mironov later became a close collaborator of David Duke and Mironov wrote the Russian preface for the best selling book in Russia on the Jewish Question: Jewish Supremacism. In Russia the book is called The Jewish Question From the Eyes of an American, and Mironov has referred to it repeatedly as “the most outstanding book on the Jewish Question ever written.” So far the book has a circulation of over 600,000 copies according to Jewish critics. After the release of the book,in Russia, Jewish members of the Duma demanded the Russian Prosecutor ban the book and charge Mironov and Duke with violations of old Soviet era statutes criminalizing anti-Jewish thought and speech.

To the Chagrin of the Jewish Supremacists, after a year of close examination by the Russian Prosecutor General, the Russian government ruled that David Duke’s book was not anti-Semitic but a factual historical and contemporary account of the issue. Later the Jewish supremacists were able to get the government to go after Mironov for some powerful speeches he made in opposition to Jewish extremism.

Jewish supremacists tacitly admit in the article that they support the imprisonment of a man for simply expressing his political and philosophical opinions.

Then they go on to make some interesting attacks on the Russian people:

…the number of violent anti-Semitic incidents in Russia rose from four to 55 in the past year. Meanwhile, according to recent opinion polls, 53 percent of Russia’s population supports the idea of “Russia for the Russians”; 48 percent think that the influence of Jews in politics and business should be restricted and 43 percent say there should be restrictions on natives of the Caucasus living in Russia.

Now notice this ultimate Jewish Chutzpah, and they really expect no one in the world to notice it. First they talk about “violent anti-Semitic incidents” in Russia in the last year mounting up to a whopping number of 55. That’s 55 violent “incidents” in a nation of upward of 200 million people. Of course ,anytime there is an altercation between a Jew and and Gentile (even if it is as simple as a fight over a girl) it is “an anti-Semitic incident.” Still, the numbers say that the millions of Jews in Russia are probably safer than the average Russian from violence!

Now contrast this with MosNews support for the Jewish State, a nation that routinely kills hundreds of Palestinians each year including many women and children, bulldozes thousands of homes, imprisons and tortures thousands each year, and commits all kinds of cruelties on a people who have faced a brutal military occupation for over 38 years! But all we hear about is 55 violent incidents in a nation of 200 million.

Next we are told that 53 percent of Russia”s population supports the idea of “Russia for Russians.” Now that’s really a terrible thing isn’t it, that we Russians would like to keep our own country Russian? What percentage of Jews in the state of Israel would want to keep Israel a Jewish state? I would guess maybe 90 percent! And the articles says that 43 percent believes that influence of Jews in politics and business should be restricted. Really? Is it so strange that 43 percent of the Russian people believe that 10 Jewish criminal oligarchs should not be able to steal over 60 percent of the wealth of Russia and then use their money to buy the press and rule over us! It is amazing that the percentage wishing to restrict this Jewish influence isn’t a lot higher.

There was, though, no discussion in the article that in Israel not only does the Jewish population believe in restricting non-Jewish influence — Israel supports it by law. There is no law in Russia that restricts Jews, but hundreds of laws in Israel restrict non Jews in all kinds of ways, from immigration to ownership of land, and there are even laws restricting non-Jewish ownership of certain businesses.

You should know all of this without this writer telling you, but if you don’t know it till now it is because too much of the world’s press is controlled by the same supremacist people that are attempting to imprison and punish anyone who tells the truth about it.

One of the more interesting aspects about the recent declaration is the important influence that David Duke has had in all of this. I have met David Duke on two occasions. One when he addressed a rally of over 16,000 during a Russian patriotic holiday, and the other at an international conference against globalism in Moscow. Those two speeches I count as two of the greatest I have ever heard in my life.

During the Bolshevik Revolution, an American by the name of John Reed had a big influence for that Jewish revolution — so much so that he is now buried in the Kremlin Wall. Now 87 years after the Bolshevik Revolution that cast Russia into a sea of blood and stunted its development, another American, David Duke, has had an incredible influence .

He is has been a major force here in eliminating the last traces of that Jewish invasion of Russia. David Duke has seen that a proud and free Russian people are a key to the survival of European mankind. He is as important to this new revolution for freedom and heritage here today as John Reed was for Bolshevik enslavement 87 years earlier.

We in Russia know that David Duke’s first love is his own country, but if your nation does not ultimately come to recognize the great gift he is for all our people in the world, then perhaps you won’t mind that if someday he is laid to rest in an ancient fortress of European mankind. For we here in Mother Russia may ask you someday if his remains can stay here with us in the walls that defended Europe from the Eastern Hordes, the ancient brick of the Kremlin.

Comment from David Duke: Thanks for the kind words, but I’d rather not anyone start fighting over my body quite just yet! As Mark Twain said, “The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” The truth is that we have a lot of work to do before any governments begin to be truly the instruments of our people, but I am proud of the the great strides made in Russia and in all of Eastern Europe in the last half decade. To all of my Russian comrades in the service of our people, I wish you strength and victory!