Romney and Obama Prove that America Is No Democracy – It is a Ziocracy! By Dr. David Duke

Commentary by Dr. David Duke — It’s election time again. The Ziomedia will tell us how “America will elect” a new President. We are told constantly by the controlled media how we are “so blessed” to live in a quote, “democracy.”

I really hope you don’t fall for that nonsense!

Have you read the headlines recently? How one Jewish gambling magnate, Sheldon Adelson, has pledged as much as 100 million dollars in Romney’s campaign?  Why should this alleged gangster have such huge influence over the election for President of the United States? Should America be ruled by money or by it’s people? By the principles of real democracy, why should this gambling magnate have a million times more influence than you do on who is our next President?

If money is the major power over votes, it is not a democracy but a moneyocracy. That’s rule by the rich few, not rule by the people which is what democracy is supposed to be. But of course, we can go a lot further than just money, for I can show how the rule is not simply by the rich, but by a tribalist , supremacist tyrannical portion of the rich. In fact I can show it is tribal and supremacist based rule rather than simply the collective interests of wealthy people — by showing that the Zio-Rulers also harm the interests of the nonzionist wealthy as well as the American middle class and poor!

It is easy to prove that it is not just the rich who control, but the Zionist rich who also lord over and intimidate the non-Zionist wealthy as well as the rest of us.

For example,  the great majority of successful business and successful corporations in America and around the world, derive absolutely no real benefit from the Ziowars, but have actually suffered serious economic and social harm from them.

For instance, when Zionist-controlled America, Britain and France launch costly trillion dollar wars for Israel, these wars cause increase in taxes, destruction of capital liquidity, economic depression, higher oil and energy costs. Most legitimate businesses and individuals that produce real goods and services are harmed. The safety and security of wealthy families are threatened just as poor families, by the blowback hatred and terrorism from the military war and zio-terrorism launched by the controlled governments. Look at the real costs of Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Libya and Syria and that catastrophic specter of ziowar on the horizon: Iran.

These ziowars effect rich as well as poor. When you embargo Iran oil, it not only harms Iran, it harms the interests of every non-Zionist business on the planet Earth. When anger against the ziocontrolled U.S. Government causes many nations and businesses all over the world not to buy or products or do business with companies from the United States, that also harms the overwhelming number of non-Jewish businesses of the nation.

The only reason more of the non-Zionist elite don’t speak out is because, they know that they can be economically destroyed by the Zionist influence, such as when the Zionists in the American government and the American Jew-diciary threatened to seize Swiss banking in the United States unless they submitted to Zionist Blackmail on the supposed Holocaust bank accounts issue.

So the so-called conspiracies of the global elite are not in the interests of most of that elite, but only in the interest of the Zionist elite, as shown by the fact that these policies actually harm the non-Jewish elite.

So the fact is America is not a democracy. And it is not strictly a moneyocracy. Ultimately, a ziocrasy that

s over our nation. And this Ziocracy rules over not not just the government and media and the international finance but over the non-Jewish wealthy as well.

The one positive aspect of clearly seeing the true Ziocracy that rules over the west is that we can begin to see that the power is based on illusion. We can see its interests are not shared by the non Zionist elite. If non-Zionists stand up together for their common interests  in a similar fashion as the Zionists do for their own, it is the Zionists that would face ruin if they continued their corrupt and destructive ways.

The fact is that the ZioGlobalist elite will decide America’s next President. In a mass, so-called democracy, national elections are decided by the preferences and presentation of media, by the big money and influential organizations, and the political establishment. In turn that establishment is maintained by big ziomedia and big ziomoney. And in turn that power is in the service of Zionist Supremacy over all us — to the detriment of all of us.

Not even a thousand people out of 311 million can even know Obama or Romney truly well. The average American will decide who to vote for by two overwhelming factors. 1) The image the media creates about them and 2) How the Madison Avenue TV commercials portray them.

But, the psychologically-manipulative, emotional TV and media commercials have as much relation to reality as a Batman movie.

The other remaining factor is what the other media approved politicians and pundits say about the candidates.

The TV commercials which constitute the biggest political expenditures are not based on facts or reason but on emotional manipulation first advanced by Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew who developed so called public relations. His principle of persuasion was one not based on facts, logic or reason, but on pure emotional appeals. These psycho-constructed commercials do need not have one iota of reality, anymore than a Spiderman movie or a commercial that suggests smoking a certain brand of cigarette will get you man or woman of your dreams.

They simply are meant to make you feel good or bad about a candidate. And they know how to play your emotions like a violin or an electric guitar and do so even while you are unaware that you are being manipulated.

These commercials can make these Zio-traitors, Obama and Romney, into great men.

In the movies it really looks as though Superman can fly without wings, and they just as easily can make Obama and Romney into statesmen rather than cringing, castrated political eunuchs prostrate before the Zionists.

What kind of democracy is it when one man, a Jewish-Zionist criminal gangster, gambling magnate can give upwards of one hundred million dollars to brainwash people to vote for his candidate. And the other candidate is backed by other billionaire Jewish financial criminals like George Soros.

Is this truly one man one vote? Is it democracy? Of course it is an oligarchic tyranny of the worst sort. It is rule by a tiny percentage of the real elite, and most of these men have allegiances not to America but to globalist entities and of course to the Zionist State. They even betray the vast majority of the other elite by pursuing policies that harm them directly.

The only real decision is which servile, sniveling Ziostooge will get the blessing of the Jewish global elite?

Will it be President Obama or would be President Romney.

Because Jewish extremists hold the real political, media and economic power in America, the only pertinent question to them is which candidate is the best one to advance the Jewish agenda.

According to the Washington Post, over 50 percent of the contributions for both Democrats and Republican candidates will come from “Jewish Sources.” The Jewish money is now reaching epic proportions for both candidates. While Obama has the support of mega billionaires such as George Soros and numerous other extreme Zionist power brokers marshaled from radical, Zionist cheerleaders such Alan Dershowitz, Romney has promises of up to 100 million dollars from many Zio sources, including Jewish gangster, gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson.

But perhaps the clearest barometer that the election is as rigged as Adelson’s gambling tables that always give the advantage to the house, just take a look at the largest corporate contributor in Presidential elections. It is none other than the super criminal, predator bank: Goldman Sachs. Mr. Blankfein’s and Mr. Kohn’s Goldman Sachs is Obama’s biggest corporate contributor according the FEC (Federal Election Commission). Unsurprisingly, it is also one of the biggest corporate bundlers to Mr. Romney. Just like the rigged gambling tables in Adelson’s casinos, the Zionist crooks can’t lose. And just like the tens of thousands of financially ruined families behind the facade Adelson’s glitzy casino’s image, the media covers up the damage inflicted on society.

Just a few short years ago the major Israeli publication, YNet News boasted that the biggest contributor in American politics was Haim Saban, an radical Zionist, who is an Israeli citizen! Saban also happens to be a media mogul, so he is perhaps an powerful symbol of the real rulers of America. When you control the media and campaign financing what else is there in American politics.

So elections are actually going to be decided by how the media presents a candidate, how much money the candidate has to spend for psychologically appealing commercials, and how much support the candidates receive from other members of the political establishment also dependent on the same media and money sources.

Why playing the Republican/Democrat game results in the American people, rich and poor, black and white, men and women, labor and management, always losing. And the Zio-supremacists always winning.

Here are some examples of how both liberals and conservatives are manipulated and lied to in service of the political establishment.

Conservatives are told that Romney will help stem the flow of illegal immigrants. In truth Republicans have presided over the massive illegal and legal flow of immigrants into America. As the accompanying NPR (National Public Radio) boasts how the first and greatest illegal alien amnesty provision was made by none other than the media-conservative god, Ronald Reagan. Reagan also massively increased the size of government, federally mandated the racial discrimination of affirmative action and supported the trade policies that have de-industrialized America, and gave a blank check to the predator banks. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Romney will do otherwise.

Today Democrats are told that Obama is a far different President than George Bush. Yet, Obama has continued our insane wars, kept open Guantanamo, massively increased drone attacks, and laid down like a eunuch before his Jewish masters in Israel and New York.

The truth is even the media’s description of conservative as promoting these insane Zionist wars and liberal as opposing them, is manipulative. In American history, conservatives have traditionally opposed international involvement and wars and liberals have traditionally supported involvement.

Am I supposed to be a liberal because I support a foreign policy that does not support the nation of Israel that is truly an enemy of America who has committed terrorism against us in the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the Liberty. That gets hundreds of thousands of brave young Americans traumatic brain injuries and bankrupts America in the Ziowars?

Democrats are told that Obama will stop the outsourcing of both business and jobs overseas, pointing out that Romney has personally supported such. But both outsourcing and insourcing has proceeded to devastate American jobs and American businesses. It has been supported by both Republicans and Democrats!

It’s all a huge con ladies and gentleman, and there only way to fight back, is just as in Adelson’s controlled casinos…

Just don’t play.

Vote Third Party like the American Third Position, or for any other candidates.

Keep yourself unsullied and free, spreading the message far and wide that nothing will change —  until we depose the Ziosupremacists who rule over and lead us all to destruction.

Remember their power is based on illusion.

This article, these words and this website, and your support in helping me get this truth out, will smash that illusion and help us all realize that we  are the ones who hold the real power.

If only we will use it!