Republican Chairman Seeks to Deny Derek Black his legally-elected Seat!

Derek Black, a 19 year old political prodigy elected to public office on August 26. He is a student and is a physical enthusaist as shown in this photo.

Republican Chairman seeks to Deny Derek Black his legally-elected Public Office!

By David Duke
Listen: Derek Black Fights for American Freedom!

America  is certainly not a free country when a duly elected American is denied his office because of his opinions.

Derek Black, 19, a registered Republican of West Palm Beach, Florida was duly and legally elected on August 26 by the voters of his district to represent them on their county’s Republican Executive Committee.

Even though legally the Republican Party cannot deny voter registration or political participation to anyone on the basis of his opinions, it has been announced by the Palm Beach Chairman of the Republican Party, Sid Dinerstein,  that he would deny the legally-elected Derek Black, to take his position on the committee.

Sid Dinerstein, a Jewish-extremist loyalist to Israel, has the chutzpah to think that he has the right  to deny Derek Black his legally elected office because he doesn’t like Mr. Black’s views.

Sid Dinerstein is a member of many Jewish organizations that unashamedly support the perceived interests of the Jewish community and the interests of the Jewish State of Israel. Why should he be allowed to deny a duly elected seat to a European American who does exactly the same thing for European Americans that Mr. Dinerstein does for the Jewish people and Jewish State of Israel?

How would the Republican Party and the Media react to it if a republican committee composed of elected officials that oppose American foreign policy being controlled by Israeli partisans, tried to remove Mr. Dinerstein because they found his views on Israel reprehensible?

In America, the test of an elected official is not whether your views are controversial.

America is a two-party system. Third Parties haven’t been viable in America for over a hundred years. The political system itself is structured in a way that discriminates against Third Parties and Third Party candidates. Time after time the courts have correctly ruled that any American has the complete right to register and run for office as either a Republican or Democrat, regardless of his political opinion.

When someone goes to the register of voters he is not asked his political opinions when he registers as a Democrat or Republican. When a candidate registers in an election as a Democrat or Republican there is obviously no political opinion requirement. One could imagine the political repression and control that would result if some party bosses could keep some people out of the party or even running for office because of the person having a differing viewpoint.

Denial of participation in the Republican or Democratic Party is in effect a denial of political participation. Both parties have millions of Americans with an extreme range of political viewpoints. Republicans and Democrats cannot refuse registration and participation to anyone, especially not based on their political opinions. The federal courts and the Supreme Court has ruled that to deny Americans political participation in the two major parties is denying them their constitutional rights to participate fully in the electoral process.

Why should a young American chosen and duly elected by Republican voters to represent them —  be denied his office? Is this what is called freedom, democracy…representative government, where a party boss can deny a legally elected seat simply because he does not agree with his positions?

Why should Derek Black have to fight for a clear right guaranteed by the Constitution? Denial of his elected office is a direct attack on the fundamental principles of freedom in the United States of America.

Derek Black has also been slandered by the media after his election. Derek Black, his father Don, and I, David Duke have been repeatedly referred to as White Supremacists in this matter. One media outlet in West Palm Beach referred to Derek as a “self-admitted White supremacist.”

Derek Black stated emphatically, “I am not a White supremacist, nor have I ever referred to myself as a White supremacist. I am simply a person  who stands up for the rights and heritage of European Americans just as thousands of other politicians openly promote what they see as the interest of their own people. A perfect example is Mr. Dinerstein who is a member of many Jewish organizations that unashamedly support what they perceive as Jewish interests and the interests of the Jewish State of Israel.” Why is it permissible for Mr. Dinerstein to stand up for the perceived interests of the Jewish people and the “Jewish State” of Israel, while I should be disqualified for simply being an advocate for European Americans?”

In fact you can prove for yourself by reading my recorded and written words for over 35 years, that Derek Black, his father Don Black, and I have never called ourselves “White supremacists.” What we are would be far more accurately and fairly described as “White civil rights activists,” or simply “White activists,”

The most basic civil and human rights of European Americans are being violated. Millions of our people face massive racial discrimination against us in so-called affirmative action. Immigration policies discriminate against our people to the point where we will become a minority in our nation, and our people face constant media collective defamation and discrimination. For instance, Whites are collectively vilified for slavery and racism, while there is no collective vilification of African Americans for the incredible amount of violent crimes committed against White people annually. There is obviously no collective vilification of Jews for their overwhelming support of the racist, supremacist state of Israel, a state that has committed massive crimes against the Palestinian people and even terrorism against the United States such as in the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the USS Liberty.

We have a right to defend our rights and our collective interests as European Americans in exactly the same way that Mexican Americans have groups dedicated exclusively to them such as La Raza (the Race), the NAACP, and hundreds of Jewish organizations that openly support the collective interests of the Jewish people and the “Jewish State” of Israel.

We support the idea of equal rights for all Americans, but dare to oppose the government policies that are discriminatory and damaging to the well being of European Americans.

The attempt to deny a duly-elected American his seat because of his views, or more accurately, his alleged views is one more example of how Americans are losing their sacred constitutional rights.

Derek Black has said he will do whatever he has to do to secure his Constitutional right to represent his constituents as he was elected to do. “It is a crying shame, he said, that as a young man of 19 believing in American freedom and rights, that I have to fight so hard to simply be sworn in to my duly-elected seat simply because my views are at odds with another of this public body. It is my hope that every American, even those who don’t share all my opinions, support the upholding of the most important principles of freedom in the American process and assist me in being seated in my hard won post as an elected official.”