Derek Black fights for American Freedom!

Derek Black Fights for his Constitutional Right to take his Legally-Elected office.

Click on the picture to the left and and watch this distorted media piece discussing the efforts of Jewish extremist, Republican Party Boss, Sid Dinerstein, to deny young Derek Black his legally-elected public office on the Republican Executive Committee of his West Palm Beach district. The media also slanders Derek Black as a “White Supremacist,” when in fact he is simply an advocate for European Americans in the same way that Mr. Dinerstein is an outspoken advocate of Jewish and Israeli interests! Read the story below of this attempt to suppress the most basic of American rights, to run for office and take your seat after you win the overwhelming majority of the voters!

If anyone stated that he would deny a duly-elected Black activist from assuming his legally-elected office, they would be charged with Federal Civil Rights violations! Let’s demand that Sid Dinerstein be so charged for his open violation of the civil rights of Derek Black!